Land Guardianship


Originally published in “The Cauldron” issue #142, November 2011 The farmer made his way slowly around the whole of his land beating the bounds with a handful of freshly cut birch twigs performing the rite his father had taught him and his father before him on this very land. Finishing his round at the main gate he left some bread, made by his wife that morning, and cheese from their cows on one of the posts and poured a shot of […]

The New Issue of “The Cauldron” is Out

CURRENT ISSUE: TC # 142 (November 2011) contains the following in-depth articles: The Leaves of Hekate – the Plant Lore of the Thessaly Witches by Daniel A. Schulke Traditional Fairy Lore by Professor Ronald Hutton The Black-Faced God in Traditional Witchcraft by Theresa A. Lucas Magical Voices of the West – interviews with necromancer Jake Statton-Kent & magician Misha Newell The Visions of Scottish Witch Isobel Gowdie by Dr Emma Wilby Aunt Caroline Dye – American Conjure Woman by Cory Hutcheson […]