Spirit Dreams

Do they come to you at night? Do they speak to you in your dreams? Do they teach you things? Do they do things to you? Do you hear their whispers in your head while doing daily chores, writing, art, or playing music? The man and the woman appear to everyone differently and usually separately. Listen to what they say. You don’t have to do what they say. Sometimes they trick you to test you. Sometimes they ask too much. […]

Ancestor Worship in Modern Witchcraft

t is a common practice of Neopagans today to remember and reverence the ancestors only at Samhain. Pictures of dead loved ones are placed on the altars along with food offerings and candles lit for their remembrance. Other than this most Samhain rituals consist of the attendees letting go of something from the previous year in a spell during ritual. Today necromancy is a dirty word and the souls of the dead are no longer consulted for divination. However in […]