Poisonous Woodwork

Poisonous Woodwork

With the scratch of lead across wood, images of mandrake roots, nightshades, and belladonna appear. A sliver of fire carefully drawn over each line of artwork etches each poison plant into the wood. Sandpaper smooths the surface raised by heat with each speck of sawdust cleaned out afterwards with the bristles of a brush. Each pentagram and poisonous plant is painstakingly painted white with wood stain and then the negative spaces filled in with darkest black using a fine paintbrush. Once dry, each piece is rubbed with sacred flax oil and left to allow the thirsty wood to drink it in. Later, the excess oil is removed and the wood is finished with a fragrant beeswax polish – heated for it to better soak in to the wood’s pores.

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On Flying Ointments


he majority of questions I receive in emails from fellow magic workers are about flying ointments so I thought I would write out the information here in one place where anyone can access it for free. I won’t tell you not to experiment with dangerous poisons as it would be hypocritical of me, but I will say that if you don’t have at least a grasp of what the more dangerous plants are capable of, their side effects, and the […]

Harvest Draws Near

The Henbane is producing its last flowers of the season. The leaves are still green and plentiful and the green berries in rows containing seeds have ripened. On the next dry day I’ll be digging up my five Black Henbane plants and sorting their parts into seeds, leaves, flowers, and roots to dry. There will be so many seeds I will be able to sell them. Orb-Weaver Spider napping under a White Nightshade leaf I caught one of my pet […]

Solanum: The Poison Plants of Witchcraft


Once a long long time ago when humans could commune with plants, the spirits of the dead, and the gods the people learned of the Solanaceae genus of plants  – of both their great powers and their dangers. But those who knew of the secrets of these plants were greatly feared and cast out of society as the Solanaceae could bring entire kingdoms to their knees. And it did, many times, when those who knew their secrets used them against […]