Of Serpents, Eggs, and Spiral Dances


My friends arrived from all over the Lower Mainland (witches, heathens, mystics, thelemites, hermetics, shamans…) for my Imbolc ritual Sunday afternoon. I’d decorated the hall, with its view of the forest, by setting up an altar for Brighid and the Cailleach strewn with evergreen branches and budding Indian Plum from the woods flanked at each side by wolf and bear hides. Brighid had a bottle of spring water and the Cailleach a bottle of melted snow. Brighid’s had bull and […]

The Blessing of Community

Wolf, hawk, mountain lion, owl, and turtle medicine Saturday belongs to Saturn, patron of witches, magic, death and darker things. My Saturday was very fitting.  In the morning I made a big jar of Florida water for a client and weighed and packaged native herbs for the botanica (oh it is good to have rowan berries and devil’s club again). In the afternoon Grant returned to bring me a mountain lion skull (requested by Old Woman) from the bone collector […]

The First Harvest

I had plans to walk in the forest yesterday wildcrafting berries and other edibles to make a wild harvest meal for my own Lùnastal celebration. Maybe there’d be pigtails and a handwoven collection basket involved… it was all a very romantic fairy tale in my head. Of course, that’s not what actually happened. A letter slipped through the mail slot said that the house would be painted the next day and that I was to remove all my garden planters […]

Beltuinn in the Wild Wood

We are the first to arrive at the site. We drive slowly down the dirt lane into the thick of the green and burst into the clearing like being born anew a wild thing. He sets up the tent an I take care of the inside just like the old nomadic Lapps (all we are missing is the herd of reindeer). I circle the site just across the boundary between wild wood and man-made clearing –the hedge, the in between. […]

Spring Rites, Trooping Witches, Fairy Rades & Wish-Making in the Woods

We were a week late, but hey, the waning moon is good for a banishing. There were flowers blooming everywhere in the woods today – crocuses, Indian plum, gorse, periwinkle, and salmonberry… Wreathed in crowns of flowering Indian plum picked that morning, with everyone clad in green, we followed the trails in the woods to the crossroad at the bridge and continued onto a more hidden path that led to an old grove of cedar, hemlock, and Douglas fir by […]