pearly everlasting

Wildcrafting for Medicine

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Fireweed It was a cloudy day and rain threatened with dark clouds but did not come. I took advantage of the rare dry spell in our rainy summer to fit in some more wildcrafting. First it was down the hill closer to the bottom of the mountain for some Fireweed. The leaves make a lovely tonic tea that is safe for children and pregnant ladies. It’s a native herb I’ll definitely be including in my tea blends for the botanica. Fireweed makes the most delicious honey in the world and its bright pink flowers were just as covered in bees as the wild roses were. Pearly Everlasting I stumbled upon a good patch of pearly everlasting and harvested some to dry and experiment with. Some think it’s good for nothing but flower arrangements, but various Native tribes did use it both medicinally and magically. It was mostly used for coughs, colds and diarrhea as a tea, added to a bath for rheumatism, and was also smoked for lung problems and used for poultices to treat various ailments. The Cheyenne used the flowers for folk magic to purify offerings, to protect and strengthen the body, to carry for protection in battle,…

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