She’s Here

Autumn leaves rattle in Nicnevin’s breath like many bones warning of storms and the dead who have risen. She’s here. Her chills-you-to-the-marrow wind is here combing the trees free of their dead burdens. Her stormy clouds have rolled in and her breath leaves a cold dampness in the air. She doesn’t rape and rip and rend. She blows her chilly breath on the Earth’s greenmantle and its creatures causing them to sleep deeply. Some will awake again in the spring, […]

The Witches’ Reel

This song originates from Scotland and has been dated to the year 1591. The words are from the witchcraft trial of the Earl of Bothwell Francis Stewart who was accused of using sorcery to try to kill King James VI. He was found guilty, but escaped the castle he was being held in and caused all sorts of ruckus afterward – you know raising small armies to kill the king – little stuff like that… But this reel is what […]

The Witches Charm

Documented by folklorist Walter Traill  Dennison in the 1880s in the Orkneys, Scotland: “The Witches’ Charm” is a dedication ritual to the witch gods from whom the petitioner wishes to attain magical powers. During the full moon, go to a solitary beach on the sea. Turn yourself around three times witherlins and lay down on the beach at the ebb — the area between high and low tide. Place a stone at each of your outstretched hands and feet, one […]



Then a clear Companie came soon after closs, Nicneven with her Nymphs, in number anew, With Charms from Caitness and Chanrie in Ross, Whose Cunning consists in casting a Clew… Nicnevin is the Queen of Elphame, the queen of the fairies, spirits, and strange creatures, queen of the Unseelie Court of Alba.  She reigns with a male consort at her side, but his name is never given, it is my guess he changes with her moods.  She is the Gyre […]