Weeds for Witches Part V: Mullein

Names: Candlewick, hag’s taper, hedge taper, king’s candle, feltwort, flannel flower, hare’s beard, velvet plant, Aaron’s rod, Adam’s rod, Jacob’s staff, Jupiter’s staff, shepherd’s club. Where it Grows: Mullein is best known for being from the Mediterranean, but it also commonly grows in Europe and Asia. A few species of Mullein have naturalized in North America and Australia (esp. Great Mullein).  Mullein is not invasive, but persistent. It needs disturbed soil in direct sunlight and isn’t usually a problem for […]

Harvest Draws Near

The Henbane is producing its last flowers of the season. The leaves are still green and plentiful and the green berries in rows containing seeds have ripened. On the next dry day I’ll be digging up my five Black Henbane plants and sorting their parts into seeds, leaves, flowers, and roots to dry. There will be so many seeds I will be able to sell them. Orb-Weaver Spider napping under a White Nightshade leaf I caught one of my pet […]

Late Summer Wildcrafting

Bitter Cherry resin & fruit My apprentice came over to the house yesterday morning and after tea we headed out to the surrounding woods for a little late summer wildcrafting. We brought a shopping list for Mullein, St. John’s Wort, English Plantain, and Rowan berries, but along the way we serendipitously ran into wild Coltsfoot and a Bitter Cherry tree absolutely covered in golden resin. We also grabbed some of the bitter cherries and wrapped both up in leaves of […]

The Night Garden


Last night I watered my garden in darkness by the light of the moon and the stars.  I whispered to their spirits and burned tobacco leaf as offering to each one – my Saturnian solanaceae, the subtlely narcotic catnip, my ever growing mullein and great avens, my small grove of rowan, cedar, elder, and oak… Henbane in flower and fruit with Bittersweet Nightshade behind Orange and White Tree Daturas Rowan in darkness

The Witch’s Garden in Bloom

The earth was my bed, the wind through the leaves in the trees my lullaby, and the breeze caressing skin my blanket. Then I woke up to a lovely surprise. The Mullein and Henbane in my sky terrace garden had bloomed! I have never grown Henbane before nor seen it before now. The blooms are beautiful and covered in pollen. The leaves are soft and fuzzy despite their prickly appearance. I’m so happy as I was hoping to get seeds […]