Hekate Ritual Bundles


Some believe that fetishes and medicine bundles belong to Shamanism or Vodou and Hoodoo alone, but Witchcraft and fetishism have long been mixed bedfellows. We need only to look at all the artefacts and charms in the Boscastle Witchcraft Museum to see this is so.  A fetish can be anything from a simple bird foot or skull to a more elaborately crafted doll, pouch, or bottle. It is any object believed to have its own spirit we can communicate with […]

Hekate’s Oak

A little sneak peak at a ritual tool project I’m working on with more to come.  Acrylic on goat skin – an oak tree grows from an owl skull with leaves and acorns in sets of three.

Of Mountain Springs and Crossroads


I went to the mountain today on this coldest day of days and it was like I had never left. A raven announced my arrival at the base of the mountain and crows followed me as I went from stream to stream, which snake like long fingers down the mountain, sourced from some deep hidden spring near its peak. I visited each stream like an old friend. I didn’t expect to have missed the wild trees so much – the […]

Hecate’s Garden

All witches have a secret garden and more in the garden grows than the witch knows. The witch is the shaman and their garden is the wild wood. There are more wonders in the forest than the witch can dream of and every one with a purpose. What better reminder of the garden, both beautiful and dangerous, than the tales of young peasants who brave the woods to seek light from Baba Yaga? Is it a taper they seek or […]