Pacific Northwest Kyphi

For my challenge of crafting traditional incense using only botanicals native to the Pacific Northwest I decided to try my hand at not just one, but two kyphi recipes: Hawthorn Rose and Rocky Mountain. My recipes were crafted with Pacific Northwest botanicals using the traditional Egyptian method; a labour-intensive process which requires a month’s time to make and cure. Kyphi is a solid compound incense of herbs and resins in a base of fruits soaked in honey and wine and […]

Waiting Out Chaos

The flickering flame of the road opening spell burns out. Now to wait and see what doors are open and what doors are closed once the trickster-fueled chaos of Mercury in retrograde subsides. My garden is in chaos, my house is in chaos and it has been difficult to craft salves and incenses with men dressed in white and standing on ladders staring through my kitchen window all day… and so I wait. I’ve had to acknowledge that I have […]

The Incense

From the Carmina Gadelica, vol.II, by Alexander Carmichael, 1900: The Incense “In the day of thy health Thou wilt not give devotion, Thou wilt not give kine, Nor wilt thou offer incense; Head of haughtiness, Heart of greediness, Mouth unhemmed, Nor ashamed art thou. But thy winter will come, And thy hardness of thy distress, And thy head shall be as The clod in the earth; Thy strength having failed, Thine aspect having gone, And thou a thrall, On thy […]