Sing a Song for a Spell


In Irish mythology magic is music and everything on earth and in the universe is a song. Music is powerful and cathartic. Most of us can’t live (happily) without it. Taliesin sang to create his magic, Dagda had his magic harp, the sirens had their songs, the Norse had their galdrar, and Robert Johnson had the blues. You may not play an instrument (or maybe you play a mean ukulele and are now offended), but you have a voice! Sing in […]

Own Your Shit, or How I Became a Witch


  Shit’s been getting real. I don’t know if it’s the solar flares, the spring equinox, the dark moon, and retrogrades of Mars, Mercury, and Saturn all happening this week or if it’s my Saturn return really starting to kick in. Welcome to the crossroad folks. I’ve spent the past half-year in a dark night of the soul (albeit a rather cheerful, social one) trying to accept everything the Fates throw at me with the grace and balls of a […]