A Harvest Moon of Artemisia, Bones, and Tarot

The harvest moon rose swollen and orange making its way around the mountain as it climbed higher and higher into the purple sky of dusk. It was time to keep my pact with the full moon. Rummaging, I find the dittany, the mugwort, the rue and wormwood for the moon and ground them together with my mortar and pestle. I pluck leaves of fresh rue and clary sage from my garden and place them on the altar. I call the […]

The First Harvest

I had plans to walk in the forest yesterday wildcrafting berries and other edibles to make a wild harvest meal for my own Lùnastal celebration. Maybe there’d be pigtails and a handwoven collection basket involved… it was all a very romantic fairy tale in my head. Of course, that’s not what actually happened. A letter slipped through the mail slot said that the house would be painted the next day and that I was to remove all my garden planters […]

Familiar Offerings & Carvings

Last night I treated two of my animal familiars with their preferred offerings at my kitchen stove altar. One received diced apple with maple syrup from my parent’s farm and Grandmother Crow received a bowl of choice hazelnuts, pine nuts, and sliced almonds. What she really wanted a bowl of guts, but I didn’t have any entrails on hand. Maybe next time Grandmother. Both received water so they shall never thirst – water is always a welcome offering at any […]

Witchy Woodcrafts

Horned Dandelion Alraun with Coffin and Burial Shroud The Dandelion root was dug up as is in human form at a three way crossroad during the new moon. It was then lightly carved with a ritual knife to exaggerate its feminine features and transplanted above the burial of a crow for three weeks. IThen it was unsurfaced at the dark of the moon and allowed to cure and dry. The wooden coffin is pyrographed with the chthonic Dandelion spirit of […]

Altar Spring Cleaning

It had been a long time since I cleaned my altar, changed the cloth, and went through the items and old spells on it. What better time to change an altar than at the liminal times of the spring equinox and between the full and waning moon? I washed and ironed my yellow altar cloth, I collected and buried the remains of old workings that used natural elements, I removed everything from my antique dresser which my atlar sits upon […]