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A professional artist, writer, and folk herbalist, Sarah currently lives in Ontario, Canada with her partner and two sons. Her art and writings have been published by Scarlet Imprint and Gullinbursti Press and have been featured in Clavicula Nox, Pillars, The CauldronWitches & Pagans, and Hex Magazine. She is a carver, painter, and illustrator working in the mediums of bone, wood, ink and paint creating original artwork, talismans, and ritual tools. Sarah is most well-known for her herbal creations crafted from rare, organic and wild harvested plants.

She was born and raised in the wilds and small towns of the Pacific Northwest from Cormorant Island to a stone’s throw from Alaska. Brought up on the folklore and fairy tales of her Irish and Scoto-Scandinavian ancestors, but also immersed in the myths, legends, and traditions of First Nations people, her work is heavily influenced by the lore, flora and fauna of both the Old and New Worlds. An animist and naturalist, her temple is the great old growth forests, her gods are the genius loci and the ancestors, and her familiar spirits are the animals, insects, plants and trees. The purpose of all her work is to teach as much as possible about the natural world in order to help reconnect us with the Earth and the spirits of the wild.



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Sarah Anne Lawless

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