Episode IV: The Witch of Lok Island

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In this episode I tell the tale of “The Witch of Lok Island”. This folktale was collected from oral sources by Elsie Masson in 1929 and translated into English from the Breton tongue and included in her work Folk-Tales of Brittany. Now that I’ve covered the bigger mythological themes, I’d like to delve into the realm HedgeFolk Tales was original intended for – that of fairy and folk tales. After reading this tale, journey with me through the folklore and fairy tales of Brittany and the mythology of the ancient Celts and Norse to discover the Pagan roots of “The Witch of Lok Island” and how, as modern magical practitioners, we can take knowledge away from the tale and add it to our spiritual practice.

Main Characters: Houarn, Bella, the Witch of Lok Island, Jennik, Rán, Old Nick

Music Credits: Opening – “Siren Moon” from Sharon Knight’s Song of the Sea album; Closing – “Song of the Siren” from Susheela Raman’s Salt Rain album

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