Episode I: Birth of the Cosmos

Click to Play Online or Download | Length: 38:29

Like any storyteller knows, you always start at the beginning, so with this podcast episode we will start at the beginning of the universe – the Birth of the Cosmos. I start the show by telling three ancient creation myths in order of their age (Assyrian, Greek, and Norse) and afterward I analyze the tales to reveal their hidden meaning.

Main Characters:

Anshar (Asshur), Anu, Apsu, Atlas, Bor, BuriChaosCronus, CyclopesEa, Enlil, Erebus, Eros (Protogonus, Phanes), Frost Giants (ogres) Gaia (Gaea), GinnungagapIgigi, HecatonchiresKingu, Kishar, Lachamu (Lahamu), Lachmu (Lahmu), Merodack (Marduk), Mummu, Nyx (Night) Ouranos (Uranus), Rhea Tiamat, YmirZeus

Music Credits: samples are from Kan’Nal‘s “Dreamwalker” album.

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