Poisonous Woodwork

Poisonous Woodwork

With the scratch of lead across wood, images of mandrake roots, nightshades, and belladonna appear. A sliver of fire carefully drawn over each line of artwork etches each poison plant into the wood. Sandpaper smooths the surface raised by heat with each speck of sawdust cleaned out afterwards with the bristles of a brush. Each pentagram and poisonous plant is painstakingly painted white with wood stain and then the negative spaces filled in with darkest black using a fine paintbrush. Once dry, each piece is rubbed with sacred flax oil and left to allow the thirsty wood to drink it in. Later, the excess oil is removed and the wood is finished with a fragrant beeswax polish – heated for it to better soak in to the wood’s pores.

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Dark Red Moon

A Dark Red Moon

On the dark moon I thrice cleansed my death-filled home with sandalwood incense and smudge of native red cedar, rocky mountain juniper, and western hemlock in preparation for the night’s sacred rites. The Bee Priestess arrived as the sun began to sink behind the mountains and together we feasted and drank tea, talking and laughing while I carved red oak moons. We walked through my neighbourhood after dark, past the heritage homes with their night gardens and warm inviting scenes […]


Of Oak and Runestaves

I have been a busy lady crafting and packaging ointments and ritual smoking blends, shipping enough orders to bury me in boxes, teaching friends how to make mead (we made strawberry-vanilla, yum!), going on adventures to the sea, to forests and waterfalls, concerts, and pubs for delicious brews… So far my summer has been non-stop, but full of laughter and good friends along with the hard work. I haven’t had much time for blogging about magic, but I have stolen […]


Wood and Bone

While I was at the farm out East I harvested some woods I have trouble finding on the West coast. I harvested Green Ash from the grove in the beautiful fen behind the farmhouse. I harvested Apple wood from an ancient heirloom apple tree with small green apples which dwells between the barn and farmhouse overlooking the fire pit. I took a huge branch from it, but the tree is so old and so massive that you can’t even tell […]


Holly and Yew Ritual Blades

The shaman came over for a day of gore, defleshing skulls and preparing them for maceration (beer and incense are your friends when maggots are involved), and afterward we needed to do something a little lighter to cheer up. We went through my box of bones for inspiration and found the end of a wolf leg bone I wasn’t sure what to do with. I was thinking the end of a wand, but he saw a knife pommel. Then I […]