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It’s All Indie Cards III: Black & White Decks

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Here I am again, just in time for the holidays to tempt you to spend your hard won earnings on gorgeous tarot decks by independent artists (or to plaster the links all over your facebook until your loved ones get the hint for what you want for Yule this year). Indie tarot means there’s no big name publisher involved. The decks I share are either crowd funded or the artists came up with the funds themselves to get their deck printed –which is quite the undertaking! The downside to indie decks is that the first printing often sells out and the artist can’t afford to reprint their deck. For example, there were two amazing decks I really wanted to include in this list, but they’ve now sold out and are no longer available: The Nomad Tarot by Jennifer Drantrel and the Black Hand Lenormand by Shelley Barnes. If there is enough demand, however, this changes the artist’s stars. Maybe we can help. For this year’s round up I’ve chosen all black and white decks with a few black and gold exceptions. I’m a sucker for simple, black and white artwork and have a feeling I’m not alone in this. It was unintentional, but the…

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Nomad Tarot

It’s All Indie Cards Two

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This is my yearly “indie tarot decks are awesome” feature. I would even argue that some independently published tarot and oracle decks are of a higher quality and creativity than many mainstream decks right now. Seriously, crowdfunding is one of the best things to happen to artists. Some of these decks were kickstarter campaigns and others just quietly got released when no one was looking. I hope you find one or more to fall in love with and take home (and try not to drool on). See last year’s post: It’s All Indie Cards. The Alchemical Tarot Creator: Robert M. Place Website: This tarot deck by Robert M. Place is serious business. If you think indie means unprofessional, this deck will prove you wrong– so very, very wrong. Shiny, thick, glossy cards of high quality and exceptional design. This is the fourth edition of Robert’s wonderful ode to alchemy. The artists’ decks constantly sell out and with good reason. It’s not one to hem and haw over, it’s one to grab before it’s gone. If alchemy doesn’t appeal to you, it will be happy news to hear he has another deck currently available: The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery which is based on Renaissance art and Neoplatonic…

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Clavicula Nox

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“You scare me a little bit,” my friends say to me (even the Satanist and the Thelemite). So of course I was intrigued by the whispers in the ether saying “Ixaxaar scares me”. With so many books on Luciferianism, Traditional Witchcraft, Satanism, Chaos Magic, Necromancy, Goetia, and Black Magic all in one place I suppose the occult publisher and distributor can be seen as intimidating. You know deep down if it were a book store in the world of Harry Potter it would be down Knockturn Alley, not Diagon Alley. It’s like the goth-kink shop that some of you just can’t go into. You may flee from Ixaxaar and run back to the dream-catcher and fairy-bedecked metaphysical shops to comfort yourself (but hey, you read my blog so you are probably in the right place). If you’re like me, and you don’t run away, you will find Ixaxaar is a magician’s candy store of dark delights. It was love at first sight, touch even, when Clavicula Nox IV: Lilith arrived at my door. I remember it well: the beautiful textured paper, the bold ink of the woodcuts, the dark and twisted illustrations, the delicious fonts, the colour palette of black,…

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It’s All Indie Cards

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here are a lot of tarot decks out there to choose from. It’s hard to find an original fortune-telling deck these days – one that resonates with both your spiritual path and your aesthetic. I’ve sifted through hundreds of professionally published decks only to come up with one I love and can actually read with — The Wildwood Tarot (though, what I wouldn’t do to get my hands on the original Greenwood Tarot… except pay half my rent for it). One alternative is to go old-school and learn how to read fortunes with ordinary playing cards. Another option is to look for independently published tarot decks which you can purchase directly from the artist. The wonderful thing about indie decks is that the artists have no restrictions put upon them by a publisher, no one interfering with their artwork or design, resulting in a deck that truly speaks the artist’s vision. An indie deck is also more likely to have been created by a card reader for other card readers, usually resulting in a more functional deck rather than a “collector’s” deck. Often crowdfunded, the downside to indie tarot decks is that they are often only available in limited quantities…

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Tveir Hrafnar: Sorcery in Silver

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first encountered Aidan Wachter last summer when he sent me a very sweet email complimenting my writings and art and sharing his datura anecdotes. We continued to send emails back and forth on magic, poison plant stories, and resources… and then he opened his shop Tveir Hrafnar. I was floored. I swooned. Occult jewelery is big right now, in fact it’s gone mainstream thanks to collaborations between talented designers like Ovate with Joanna Szkiela and Sisters of the Black Moon with Bloodmilk. Animal skull pendants and occult symbols from popular designers can be seen around the necks of your favourite musicians and characters in many tv series and movies. But Aidan isn’t following these trends — his jewelery is another esoteric creature altogether. While all the big name designers are casting their pieces in silver and bronze from moulds, Aidan is sitting at his workbench practicing old school cold cut-and-file silversmithing. The result: time-consuming, intricately cut and layered pieces of silver forming high-end magical talismans. Each one is made from scratch by hand from start to finish by a sorcerer’s hands, intended to be worn by other magicians. Each one is full of magical symbolism inspired by alchemy, sigils, chaos magic, traditional witchcraft,…

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