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The Witch’s Magical Winter Adventure

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A very magical couple and dear friends (who I’ll call Thicket and Huntress) picked me up on Thursday and off we went to Granville Island to visit the market and the artisans. We saw dozens upon dozens of handwoven brooms with handles from every tree imaginable (can’t you just picture one in Baba Yaga’s hut deep in the forest?). They were so witchily tempting, but each of us already had their like at home and which we really do use to sweep our houses with. We played handmade drums and rattles in the music shop, made fun of the incense prices in the magic shop, and went to see the silk weavers’ cottage where I bought plied red silk for weaving rowan cross charms. Then we had dinner in the market and, all of us being dirty-minded, just had to pick the European sausage stall. There was bratwurst and sauerkraut and friend onions and at least half a dozen mustards to choose from. Then it was off and away to Kits to visit Banyen Books & Sound (I’ve gone on about them before). Thicket went to look at books while Huntress and I went right to the drums and to fondle…

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Herbal Tea Experiments

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I managed to avoid all the plagues of my friends all winter so far, but I am apparently not so immune to the plagues of small children and finally succumbed to a cold. There’s nothing I hate more than a runny nose and a sore throat and I wasn’t about to put up with it for too long. My solution to almost every trouble is tea. Worried and stressed about something? Drink tea. Crappy day at work? Drink tea. Someone was mean to you? Drink tea. Get sick? You guessed it – drink tea! After three days of drinking copious quantities of homemade herbal teas, my cold was gone. They weren’t even fancy or exotic and they all tasted pretty good – especially with some delicious throat-soothing local honey stirred in. I love to make my own teas; to play with ingredients and flavours and see if they have any medicinal or emotional applications. They always make me feel better than drinking store-bought teas. To give them a try yourself I’ve included the recipes below. If you’re a vegan try substituting maple syrup for the honey. Elderberry-Cinnamon Makes 1 pot of tea, steep for 10-15 minutes 1 Tbsp elderberries, dried…

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Midwinter Mulled Mead

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To me, nothing is more festive for the winter holidays than mulled anything; mulled cider, mulled wine, and, since I am a mead-maker, I had to make mulled mead. I used a bottle of my sugar pumpkin spice mead that has been aging for three years, delicious honey from Honey Grove Farm, citrus, spices, and a sprig of the Rocky Mountain Juniper I harvested this week. If you want to make your own mulled deliciousness I’ve included a recipe below: Mulled Mead 1 bottle of mead (750 ml) 1/2 a small lemon 1 mandarin orange, halved 1 small sprig of fresh juniper 2 cinnamon sticks 8 whole cloves 6 peppercorns 3 slices of fresh ginger 3-6 tbsp of unpasteurized honey to taste A bottle of sack or metheglin mead is best (aka plain), but fruit meads can also be delicious – think mulled black currant, elderberry or cranberry or pomegranate… mmm. If you don’t make mead and can’t find some to purchase substitute with a sweet white wine like a Riesling or a Gewürztraminer. Pour the mead into a pot on the stove or into a crock pot and add all the ingredients. You can get creative and make a…

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Honey Lemon Rose Cake

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It was my birthday last week and I was suitably spoiled with a dinner on the patio of Horizons restaurant overlooking a gorgeous view from the top of my mountain with more mountains as far as the eye can see and the setting sun shining on the sea to the West. It was a beautiful day of a delicious locally-sourced dinner in the park with a view of the Ainu totem poles aptly named “The Playground of the Gods”, the mountains, and the sea inlet with crows flying overhead. After a walk in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area my sweetie and I headed home for a slice of my delicious homemade honey lemon rose cake with lemon butter icing. It’s a recipe I wrote many years ago and almost forgot about until my birthday when I decided I wanted to change things up and have a cake that wasn’t chocolate. I’ve included  the recipe if you want to taste its deliciousness too! Omit the rose water and rose petals for a purely lemon treat. I chose lemon for happiness and prosperity and rose for love and healing for my next year of life on the mountain. Honey Lemon Rose Cake…

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Pacific Northwest Kyphi

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For my challenge of crafting traditional incense using only botanicals native to the Pacific Northwest I decided to try my hand at not just one, but two kyphi recipes: Hawthorn Rose and Rocky Mountain. My recipes were crafted with Pacific Northwest botanicals using the traditional Egyptian method; a labour-intensive process which requires a month’s time to make and cure. Kyphi is a solid compound incense of herbs and resins in a base of fruits soaked in honey and wine and formed into small bricks or pills. Kyphi incense was burned for evening prayers and as a folk medicine in ancient Egypt as long as 4000 years ago and, as a few of the original written recipes have survived, it is still burned today. First I ground up all the ingredients and split them into wet (berries and oils) and dry (herbs and resins) for each blend. The dry mixtures were left to mingle for about a week and a few days before the week was up I added local Similkameen wildflower honey and my homebrewed devil’s club-huckleberry mead to the ground juniper berries of the Rocky Mountain blend and the hawthorn berries and rosehips of the Hawthorn Rose blend. In…

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