Wild Harvest Moon

s I sit here sipping my fragrant fresh ginger-mint tea, sweet with honey, it is easy to reminisce about my recent urban foraging adventure with the Poisoner.  He has a different magical background than I. Where he delved deeply into Thelema, Satanism and Taoism, growing poisons like his beloved monkshood, I was getting my hands dirty with folk magic, green witchery and hedge witchery growing vegetables and medicinal herbs. The Poisoner expressed a desire to learn what I know, so […]

Come With Me, I'll Make You Tea

Come With Me, I’ll Make You Tea

I used to live in the forest on a small mountain but now I live in an old green city. It is the oldest city in my province full of beautiful Victorians, but it is also prime territory for urban foraging. Everyone takes care of their homes and has lush gardens full of towering, girthy old trees. All these old houses in a small space means it is full of back alleys. They were just dirt once, today still teeming […]


Wild Violets Taste Like Spring

Wild violets taste like green and purple; clean and fresh, they are like clover, budding leaves, and sunlight. The sun came out for a brief, warm flash and brought spring with it, suddenly, everything blooming like an unexpected orgasm. I found an expansive patch of viola adunca a short walk from my home and buried my face in the sweet purple fragrance. I picked every flower I could reach finding bright red lady bugs hugging the leaves and watching honey bees […]


Whiskey for An Cailleach

I woke up early this morning and the Poisoner had made me tea. “Don’t look outside,” he said. So of course I did. The first snow of the season in this old town. Thick, heavy, fluffy snow, driven hard by a fierce wind, falls from the sky; contrasted against the ancient holly tree bearing its bloody fruits. The Cailleach has arrived, shaking her apron. Groggy with sleep, my first instinct was to light the candle in the kitchen window and pour her […]

The Making of a Flying Ointment

The Making of a Flying Ointment

The creation of flying ointments is quite the process for me. To share a bit of the magic and practical side of it I will be taking you through the crafting of the Sabbat Flying Ointment from start to finish. “Sabbat: is one of the most intense flying ointments I make and, though I don’t usually recommend it for beginners, it is one of my most popular ointments  due to it being such a classic traditional recipe — inspired by […]