Wild Violets Taste Like Spring

Wild violets taste like green and purple; clean and fresh, they are like clover, budding leaves, and sunlight. The sun came out for a brief, warm flash and brought spring with it, suddenly, everything blooming like an unexpected orgasm. I found an expansive patch of viola adunca a short walk from my home and buried my face in the sweet purple fragrance. I picked every flower I could reach finding bright red lady bugs hugging the leaves and watching honey bees […]


Whiskey for An Cailleach

I woke up early this morning and the Poisoner had made me tea. “Don’t look outside,” he said. So of course I did. The first snow of the season in this old town. Thick, heavy, fluffy snow, driven hard by a fierce wind, falls from the sky; contrasted against the ancient holly tree bearing its bloody fruits. The Cailleach has arrived, shaking her apron. Groggy with sleep, my first instinct was to light the candle in the kitchen window and pour her […]

The Making of a Flying Ointment

The Making of a Flying Ointment

The creation of flying ointments is quite the process for me. To share a bit of the magic and practical side of it I will be taking you through the crafting of the Sabbat Flying Ointment from start to finish. “Sabbat: is one of the most intense flying ointments I make and, though I don’t usually recommend it for beginners, it is one of my most popular ointments  due to it being such a classic traditional recipe — inspired by […]


Poisonous Skulls

The last couple days I put myself to work making poison plant spirit vessels. In the past I’ve used mass-produced bone skulls as well as very finely carved antler skulls, but decided this time around to carve my own skulls. I chose sacred and funerary alder wood for its ease of carving, beautiful colour, and underworld association to match the poisons. As with most of the wood I use for carving, it was ritually harvested by me. In the photo […]


Writing & Teaching News

Besides being incredibly busy and trying to stay sane, I’ve also been up to various projects for publication and scheduling workshops and rituals for 2013. After having a crazy day, I was more than delighted to find my copies of the new Witches & Pagans air issue in my mailbox.  I wrote and illustrated an article for it titled “The Girl Who Found a Feather: A Journey into the Magic of Birds” exploring the mythology of birds and feathers as […]