Wildcrafting for Medicine

Fireweed It was a cloudy day and rain threatened with dark clouds but did not come. I took advantage of the rare dry spell in our rainy summer to fit in some more wildcrafting. First it was down the hill closer to the bottom of the mountain for some Fireweed. The leaves make a lovely tonic tea that is safe for children and pregnant ladies. It’s a native herb I’ll definitely be including in my tea blends for the botanica. […]

My Secret Garden

After discovering The Secret Garden as a child something in my brain clicked. I don’t know if it was all the subtle folk magic that made so much sense to me or the fascinating cycle of death and rebirth of the garden in the story, but I started planning my own secret garden. It would be completely walled in so no one could see it or enter it. I even built rectangular models using cardboard and scotch tape (I was […]

Midnight Mint Medicine

My stomach was none too happy last night and I was out of my favourite digestive tea so out I went to the garden in the dark of midnight to pick a sprig from each of my plants in the mint family. I collected peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, and catnip. I gave them a rinse as I boiled water to make a tea and then crushed all the fragrant leaves and put them in a mug drizzling two spoonfuls of […]

Spellwork or The Road to Hel is Paved with Good Intentions

Why is writing spells so hard? Why can’t there just be some magical formula that makes it easy and idiot-proof? Oh wait, there is! This formula is ancient and can be found used in the folk magic of just about every culture around the world throughout history: Intent + Spoken Spell + Sympathetic Act = Magic When separated, each component isn’t very effective, but when combined your spell is released into both our world and the otherworld with significant power […]

How to Make Pagan Holy Water

When most people hear the phrase “holy water” they think of either vampires, water blessed by a Catholic priest, or both, but holy water isn’t restricted to the Christian church. The ancient Greeks used holy water to purify people and places as well as to extinguish temple and shrine torches. They and the Romans would also dip sacred herbs or tree branches in holy water to flick on people, around homes, or pieces of land to bless them. The Hindus […]