Western Gate Samhain Festival

Western Gate Samhain Festival

Last weekend I hopped in the Shaman’s truck with Mel and Kerri and after meeting up with more friends we all drove up North together to the Okanagan stopping in Hope to have lunch with Huntress and Thicket along the way to the Western Gate Samhain Festival. Once we reached the dry sagebrush steppe we pulled over hoping to harvest some pungent wild sagebrush but only found the much less fragrant yellow rabbitbrush which the two shamans harvested and wrapped […]


Writing & Teaching News

Besides being incredibly busy and trying to stay sane, I’ve also been up to various projects for publication and scheduling workshops and rituals for 2013. After having a crazy day, I was more than delighted to find my copies of the new Witches & Pagans air issue in my mailbox.  I wrote and illustrated an article for it titled “The Girl Who Found a Feather: A Journey into the Magic of Birds” exploring the mythology of birds and feathers as […]


Tales from the Gathering: The Witches’ Sabbat

Sometimes at such a gathering the unscheduled events that happen naturally hold more power and draw us together more closely than we could ever have imagined.  It was a Sunday under a dark moon and we had just finished storytelling by the hearth. The rain was falling hard outside the lodge and we continued to huddle close to the fire as the sun set. Those who attended my altered states workshop that morning, and those who’d heard tell about it […]


Tales from the Gathering: Passage Through the Underworld

After lunch on the Saturday of the Gathering Festival it was time for the main ritual which was hosted by an initiate of the Wolven Path Tradition – an oral tradition based in prehistoric European shamanism. This ancestral ceremony was performed at the Shamanic Conference and will be enacted thirteen times over the next year by the shamanic community. As the Gathering has always been largely a neoPagan festival, the witches, druids, and heathens were fascinated and for many it […]


Tales from Between the Worlds

The Gathering for Life on Earth is British Columbia’s main Pagan festival and has been a successful gathering of community for over twenty years now. It’s where all the different local paths, groups, solitaries, elders, and newbies can come for a long weekend and celebrate our magical lives together. I’ve been to three previous Gatherings just as a merchant and an attendee enjoying all the rituals, workshops, and main events, but this year the chair of the board, who is […]