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For Sale: Neopaganism “As Is”

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On the Origins, Problems, and Future of Neopaganism My goal here is to do more than just lift up a corner of the old wool carpet of neopaganism to reveal the dirt underneath. I think it is high time we just flip the whole bloody thing over and yell about how no one vaccumed under it for decades but just cleaned up what was visible. Lazy, right? Get your dusty brooms out of those closets and get ready to clean house! My intent in writing this long article is to use my best “professor of contemporary pagan studies” voice and define neopaganism, to explain how neopaganism and the paths within it make up a movement and not a religion, to point out where things went wrong, and to help foster a discussion on how and if things can be changed for the better at this point. You may find frustration and disillusionment in my words. I may make you angry or sad. Or, I may make you grateful that someone finally spelled out all the fake-lore and flaws for you. I ask you to keep in mind that in person I am a very sarcastic and silly person from a…

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So Long and Thanks for All the Abuse: A History of Sexual Trauma in the Pagan Community

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In light of yesterday’s political events in the United States and the bravery of Doctor Christine Basey Ford, I have decided to break my silence about sexual abuse in the pagan community. I am so proud of Dr. Blasey Ford for standing up and speaking her truth despite all the slander, death threats, and awareness that her testimony will still likely be ignored by an uncaring all cis white male senate. It is heartbreaking. Even those of us in Canada are watching with anger and tears. Social media is overwhelmed with people sharing their #MeToo and #WhyIDidntReport stories while people on the opposite end of the spectrum are rationalizing assault, coming up with excuses, creating fake news, calling them whores, liars, and much worse. Some people are commenting that these events are even more important than Trump being sworn in as president due to the position of Supreme Court Justice being one appointed for a lifetime. Statistics courtesy of Fire Lyte, pie charts courtesy of Kathleen Borealis If a narcissist like Brett Kavanaugh is approved it can mean the end to women’s reproductive rights, a backslide away from gender equality, and an end to human rights being respected in the…

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