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The Scots Reading List

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 have been asked many times if I had a Scottish book list or if I could recommend some books on Scottish witchcraft. I never did get around to it before now, mainly because so many of the books are rare or out of print that I didn’t want such a list to be discouraging to the serious seeker. Luckily there are so many texts and bits of lore available online now that one can learn about Scottish folklore and witchcraft without emptying out one’s savings. Much of lore woven into the “modern” folklore of Traditional Witchcraft, Wicca, and Ceremonial Magic originally comes from Scotland. Why Scotland? Because it was so well documented and was a very popular source of material for folklorists and historians. My husband and I both have Scoto-Scandinavian backgrounds so much of the simple every day folk magic we practice is Scottish in origin and I have an entire section of my book collection devoted to Scots folk magic, folk medicine, folklore, and witchcraft. Much of the source material on Early Modern Witchcraft comes from Scotland due to extensive documents available from witch trials and folklorists. Though there are many books and documents available on Scottish folklore…

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Poison Path Reading List

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he Poison Path involves the study of traditional ritual entheogens and their use in magic and witchcraft to aid in the achievement of ecstasy, trance, shape-shifting, soul-flight, spirit-sight, sex magic, prophetic visions, and mystic communion with deity. These plants are also used in incense, ointment, oil, potion, and sabbat wine recipes to aid in ones magical workings and sabbat rites. This path is not for everyone and requires extensive research to prevent harm. Besides reading, one of the best ways to gain knowledge and experience is to grow these herbs yourself from seed to better understand them as well as have the raw materials to work with. I would even go as far as to suggest becoming successful at growing them before using them in recipes and rituals as it is my belief the plant spirits are less likely to cause you great harm if they have a good personal relationship with you. Having said all this there are also milder plants that aren’t as harmful to work with such as wormwood, mugwort, and wild lettuce and you can choose which level of plants you’d like to involve yourself with. In searching for a reading list of books focused on poisons,…

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A Serpent Sings of Bones and Blood

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hud! I sat up quickly in bed, hearing the strange sound outside my door. Upon getting up to discover its cause I find a parcel from Scarlet Imprint containing a hard cover copy of Serpent Songs: An Anthology of Traditional Craft curated by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold and full of the writings of familiar practitioners. Normally receiving one Scarlet Imprint’s works in the mail alone would be exciting, but this time my own words sing within the pages for I am one of its serpents and I sing a song of bones and blood in the final chapter. I stroked the olive grey cloth and admired the shining serpents, undulating endpapers, and pages of gilded letters. I cleansed and blessed the tome with holy water and suffumigations of sandalwood incense. Like all of Scarlet Imprint’s hard covers it is a beautiful book with a beautiful design, beautiful fonts, and beautiful thick paper filled with beautiful words. In the world there are few quality collections containing the writings of modern Traditional Witchcraft practitioners. This one is full of the voices of hedge riders, folk magicians, cunning men, seers, and witches. We are all so very different and yet the heart of our magics…

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Collecting the Bones of Trees

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There are many books of magic, ethnobotany, and cooking in my living room, staring at my lonely unwarped loom, but hidden away in the darkness of my room is a seldom-seen collection of books. Some with ratty linen spines and some of softest leather and finest gilt, the pages filled with poetry, ancient tales, folklore, witchcraft, incantations, pagan gods, and beautiful art. All of them are old or rare, smelling of dust, attics, basements… You see I’m a collector, collecting the bones of trees and fragments of souls of long-dead authors. Together they weave a skeleton of the world tree as the tree of knowledge; whispering the wisdom of ancestors from printed bones. I’m an animist and so every book has a spirit. Sometimes I dream inside their pages, whispers instructing me on how to use the lore in my practice. Is it the spirit of the book itself, its long dead author, or the fragments of souls of those who read it? Perhaps it is all of them and more — for reading can be an act of necromancy — of communing with the dead. Such a thought brings new meaning to “reading the bones,” does it not? Lewis…

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Forgetting How to Read

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I have always been a bookworm since I was a little girl. I used to spend hours upon hours in the library bringing home a new stack of books every week and devouring them. As an adult I read up to five non-fiction books at any given time, still brought home stacks from the library every month, and amassed quite the collection of folklore and occult books. I was such an avid reader I created a Pagan book review blog (now defunct). But something changed in the past year and a half. I haven’t read a book and I haven’t wanted to. For me to say that is like an alcoholic suddenly saying they don’t feel like a beer! At first I thought there was something wrong with me, but then realized I was very happily busy doing instead of reading. I found a flow celebrating full and dark moons and sabbats on my own and with others. I started working with animal and plant spirits instead of reading about them. I’ve been active in my local magical community doing magic and ritual with good friends who are witches, shamans, heathens, bone collectors, poisoners, shapeshifters… I joined the board of…

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