Full Harvest Moon in the Mountains

Full Harvest Moon in the Mountains

Jarnsmior, his wife the Gypsy-Seer, the Poisoner and I all hopped in the car and headed two hours North into the mountains where hippies, hunters, and ornery old farmers dwell to visit Huntress and Thicket for the weekend.  On the Saturday night we had our second mountain mead party sampling each other’s home brews and almond and cherry meads from the Czech Republic. Each mead was delicious; one like champagne, another like brandy, and one tasting sticky-sweet with red currants. […]


All the Better to See You With

Be practical, waste nothing. Save the eyes to see the unseen, to have visions, and dream dreams. Preserve them and keep them to see like the animal and better shift your shape into feather, fur, or silver skin. Eyes to spy. Wear them around your neck or place them under you head to see through the eyes of their living kind far away. Eyes to send the evil eye. Eyes to bind and blind. Eyes to stab and curse. An […]


The Ritual of the Duck

I have a lot of new readers of late who don’t know too much yet about the kind of magic I practice and how I get my hands dirty. Just a friendly warning that if you’re not okay with taxidermy and meat butchery, then my blog probably isn’t for you. But, if you have a collection of animal skulls and the idea of venison braised with port and cherries gets you hot, then you might want to stick around. Yesterday […]


The Three Sirens’ Island Adventure

Three witches went to Mayne Island; one red-haired, one blond and one raven. We drove across the ocean towards the dock with the night and the waxing moon to the left and the day with the setting sun to the right – facing each other like two halves of a sphere. The ship navigated the moonlit sea and selkies led us to the small island. We bathed in the moonlight and revelled in the cool evening wind until we safely […]


Bone Collecting: Cleansing & Consecration

When you bring home new bones and skulls (or other animal parts), and before you add them to your altar or craft fetiches or tools of them, you should first cleanse them. This prevents energies from past owners or negative energies from the spirits of the bones themselves from effecting you or cursing you. I cleanse with holy water and incantation, I bless and consecrate the creature to its desired purpose, I formally introduce it to my other spirits, and […]