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The Heretic’s Rosary Project

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The Heretic’s Rosary Project was two months in the making. The idea came first; to deconstruct and de-consecrate antique and vintage catholic rosaries and add talismans, charms, and animal relics that simply screamed folklore and witchcraft. Then it was quite the task to collect the right rosaries and the most interesting pieces, some old, some new, and some I made myself. There were late nights of sketching ideas and sorting through my beading stash and aptly named “box of dead things”. With thought and care each individual rosary came to life, rebirthed from something old and forgotten to something new and full of talismanic power. The last step was to have my two handsome friends, a witch and a shapeshifter, drive up from Washington state to stay over for a weekend visit during Imbolc. I fed them and plied them with mead and goodies and in return they agreed to model the rosaries for me. We had a fun visit of late nights conversing on topics of religion, mythology, magic, spirits, and spells. I was sad to see them return home, but know we’ll get into mischief again some time soon. Below are the final proofs of the rosary photo shoot…

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The Toad in the Ointment

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It is warty, chubby, clumsy, adorable, and has a very long history of being associated with witches, the devil, and poison. The toad is a beloved symbol and familiar of we witches. I have long wanted a pet toad, just an ordinary little Western Toad (Bufo boreas, pictured), but have not wanted to tame one and keep it in a terrarium instead of its home in the wilds. I have instead been happy just to encounter them in nature whether saving one who was burying himself in the middle of a trail from being stepped on or catching a huge one by a river who was hiding under the large green leaves of false lily of the valley in spring. “What d’ye lack? What d’ye lack? I can pound a toad in a mortar, and make a broth of it, and stir the broth with a dead man’s hand. Sprinkle it on thine enemy while he sleeps, and he will turn into a black viper, and his own mother will slay him.” ~ Oscar Wilde “The toad is one of the shapes assumed by a demon when he sits upon a witch’s left shoulder. Thanks to the two tiny horns borne on…

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Clavicula Nox

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“You scare me a little bit,” my friends say to me (even the Satanist and the Thelemite). So of course I was intrigued by the whispers in the ether saying “Ixaxaar scares me”. With so many books on Luciferianism, Traditional Witchcraft, Satanism, Chaos Magic, Necromancy, Goetia, and Black Magic all in one place I suppose the occult publisher and distributor can be seen as intimidating. You know deep down if it were a book store in the world of Harry Potter it would be down Knockturn Alley, not Diagon Alley. It’s like the goth-kink shop that some of you just can’t go into. You may flee from Ixaxaar and run back to the dream-catcher and fairy-bedecked metaphysical shops to comfort yourself (but hey, you read my blog so you are probably in the right place). If you’re like me, and you don’t run away, you will find Ixaxaar is a magician’s candy store of dark delights. It was love at first sight, touch even, when Clavicula Nox IV: Lilith arrived at my door. I remember it well: the beautiful textured paper, the bold ink of the woodcuts, the dark and twisted illustrations, the delicious fonts, the colour palette of black,…

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Bonnechere Caves

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  Dad fixed up the old ’55 Windsor Chrysler he’s had since I was two or three and we all got in and drove to the beautiful little town of Eganville to visit the Bonnechere Caves. First we stopped at a local diner called Dixie Lee Chicken who make the best fried and roasted chicken (there’s also The Granary next door who have the best authentic schnitzel ever). Then it was off to the caves which were created over thousands of years of the Bonnechere River flowing through cracks underground. There are two natural entrances to the caves, one is in the river and the second, now closed and fenced off, is a sink hole up a hill with an old stone stair leading down. We went through the man-made entrance and stone steps to reach the caves. It was a hot humid day with the sun beating down so when we entered the cool dampness of the cave it felt delicious. At first the caves were low and narrow, but the further down we went, the higher and wider the caves became. Bonnechere Valley used to be under a tropical sea 500 million years ago and the limestone the caves are composed off…

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