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It’s All Indie Cards Two

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This is my yearly “indie tarot decks are awesome” feature. I would even argue that some independently published tarot and oracle decks are of a higher quality and creativity than many mainstream decks right now. Seriously, crowdfunding is one of the best things to happen to artists. Some of these decks were kickstarter campaigns and others just quietly got released when no one was looking. I hope you find one or more to fall in love with and take home (and try not to drool on). See last year’s post: It’s All Indie Cards. The Alchemical Tarot Creator: Robert M. Place Website: This tarot deck by Robert M. Place is serious business. If you think indie means unprofessional, this deck will prove you wrong– so very, very wrong. Shiny, thick, glossy cards of high quality and exceptional design. This is the fourth edition of Robert’s wonderful ode to alchemy. The artists’ decks constantly sell out and with good reason. It’s not one to hem and haw over, it’s one to grab before it’s gone. If alchemy doesn’t appeal to you, it will be happy news to hear he has another deck currently available: The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery which is based on Renaissance art and Neoplatonic…

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Lord of the Beasts Redux

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nspired by my recent interview with Midwest man-in-black Steven Posch focusing on my illustration “Lord of the Beasts“, I had a sudden and very strong urge to re-work the five year old piece in my current black and white style. At first I intended to simply redo it as more bad-ass and less cute than the original illustration, but a completely new piece surfaced instead and he became more of a “Witch Father” than the previous “Lord of the Beasts”. Using only India ink on watercolour paper, the Witch Father appeared with his familiar spirits and his magical Pictish and Slavic inspired-tattoos. In one hand he holds the serpent and in the other the mandragora. He is guardian of the wild, master of plants and animals, and wise in the ways of magic – the bear-faced, horn-crowned Lord of the Wild Wood. Prints are now available in the shop and I will soon be ordering black t-shirts to be printed with the design as well. It takes two weeks for the screenprinter to make and deliver the shirts so keep your eyes on the shop in the middle of March.

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Eating Flower Spirits

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Summer has come and with it the warmth of the sun and the beauty of flowers humming with bees. I have found myself wandering outside more and more through the yard, through gardens and through alleys, smelling flowers, picking flowers, and eating flowers.  I found huge escaped comfrey plants growing in the alley behind the house, purple flowers full of soft fuzzy bumble bees – its thick juicy leaves just asking to be turned into a healing balm. There are many hawthorns in this old city. Some perhaps once hedges of farmers’ fields since built over with houses from the 1920s-40s. Some cultivars were obviously planted for show like this gorgeous Crataegus laevigata ‘Plena‘ with it’s perfect tiny rose-like flowers. I’m rather in love with it. Just imagine those tiny perfect flowers in a salad or as a dessert garnish or decorating an altar for some love or healing work. I brought some tiny sprigs home to lift my own spirits as hawthorn is happiness. I stop to sniff every rose to find which are the most fragrant. The wild ones are always the best for taste and smell and make an ambrosial mead with fireweed honey.  I inhale deeply…

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Talismanic Illustration

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onths ago I gave a sneak peek at the illustrations I was working on for The Pagan Bundle. Since then I’ve created five original illustrations exploring the applications of talismanic art. As the pieces are also intended for use as tattoo designs, I wanted to design each one with a magical intent in mind so those who choose to get them as tattoos would not only have a piece of artwork on their skin, but an active magical talisman as well. Now that The Pagan Bundle has officially been released to the public for sale, it’s time for me to share the full illustrations as promised. The set of my illustrations is valued at $135 for prints and licensing costs, but the entire Pagan Bundle is only $50 for all the goodies (valued at $465 total) which include e-books and on-line courses from Pagan authors such as T. Thorn Coyle and Brendan Myers, artwork from myself and Morpheus Ravenna, as well as mp3 albums from talented musicians like Sharon Knight and much, much more – I highly recommend checking it out! If you purchase The Pagan Bundle, you’ll also receive a 20% coupon for my Black Arts Foundry shop which will…

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Poisonous Art and Unguents

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There have been late nights of infusing flying ointments in the stove, my home redolent with the scent of sticky sweet poplar buds and the fresh spring air pouring through the open windows. There have been trips to suppliers on sunny days to gather new ointment tins, fragrant beeswax, and papers as black as night. There have been long evenings spent designing and printing labels and prints of my black and white artwork full of skulls and poisons. The results of these days and nights were new batches of flying ointments in lovely tins featuring my artwork matching the poisons within each unguent – belladonna for the aves ointment, mandragora roots for mandrake ointment, and henbane for the traditional flying ointment. The ointments sold out quickly with their new pretty black and white feathers. I will be able to make more in about a week. I still have some Witches’ Ointment left in the original green glass jars for any beginners or lightweights who want to incorporate ritual entheogens into their magical practice. I made two collections of cards and prints with my artwork, one featuring poisonous plants and one with the theme of skulls. Though they have sold out…

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