For Fear of Flying

“Up on their brooms the Witches stream, Crooked and black in the crescent’s gleam; One foot high, and one foot low, Bearded, cloaked, and cowled, they go.” – Walter de la Mare he metaphorical witch’s broomstick is forgotten in the back of an old closet, covered in cobwebs and shrouded in darkness. No one has touched it in so long that it has forgotten its purpose. Those who have not touched it have forgotten how to use it, have even […]



“The first cup moistens my lips and throat. The second shatters my loneliness. The third causes the wrongs of life to fade gently from my recollection. The fourth purifies my soul. The fifth lifts me to the realms of the unwinking gods” Chinese Mystic, Tang Dynasty y Scots-Canadian Grandmother taught me how to read tea leaves. I now possess her tea cup collection of bone china, gold paint, delicate handles, and endless colours and patterns. Sitting at her dining room […]


Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft

This post is a brief overview of the presentation I gave to the Pagan Society at Simon Fraser University on March 10, 2015. The talk was not recorded, but I am able to provide the power point slides as well as links to articles and resources for those who missed the presentation and wish to learn more about Traditional Witchcraft. All links in bold will take you to my more in-depth writings on each subject. For a more detailed over-view of […]


The Curse Collection

 dedicate this collection to the cause against the white-washing of witchcraft. It is only in the past few decades that some have tried to reclaim the title of witch to mean a loving, goddess worshipping, tree hugging, non-Christian. I do not view this as a service to witches. Despite the efforts of many this definition is only accepted by a portion of the Neopagan community. The rest of the world still sees witches as dark, mysterious, frightening, alluring, and yes, […]


Lord of the Beasts Redux

nspired by my recent interview with Midwest man-in-black Steven Posch focusing on my illustration “Lord of the Beasts“, I had a sudden and very strong urge to re-work the five year old piece in my current black and white style. At first I intended to simply redo it as more bad-ass and less cute than the original illustration, but a completely new piece surfaced instead and he became more of a “Witch Father” than the previous “Lord of the Beasts”. Using only India […]


The Heretic’s Rosary Project

The Heretic’s Rosary Project was two months in the making. The idea came first; to deconstruct and desecrate antique and vintage catholic rosaries and add talismans, charms, and animal relics that simply screamed folklore and witchcraft. Then it was quite the task to collect the right rosaries and the most interesting pieces, some old, some new, and some I made myself. There were late nights of sketching ideas and sorting through my beading stash and aptly named “box of dead things”. […]


The Toad in the Ointment

It is warty, chubby, clumsy, adorable, and has a very long history of being associated with witches, the devil, and poison. The toad is a beloved symbol and familiar of we witches. I have long wanted a pet toad, just an ordinary little Western Toad (Bufo boreas, pictured), but have not wanted to tame one and keep it in a terrarium instead of its home in the wilds. I have instead been happy just to encounter them in nature whether saving one […]

Breaking Tradition

The Scots Reading List

 have been asked many times if I had a Scottish book list or if I could recommend some books on Scottish witchcraft. I never did get around to it before now, mainly because so many of the books are rare or out of print that I didn’t want such a list to be discouraging to the serious seeker. Luckily there are so many texts and bits of lore available online now that one can learn about Scottish folklore and witchcraft […]


Guide to Pacific Northwest Incense

Burning botanicals for pleasure, ceremony, and medicine is something we humans have performed for millennia. We just really like to light things on fire and the act never fails to bring us a child-like awe and some kind of primal pleasure. Imagine our pyromaniac ancestor’s excited delight in discovering that certain plants smell amazing when lit on fire and the smoke inhaled.  I burn incense on an almost daily basis. I started blending my own loose incenses and making my own smudge wands […]


Seeking Community

question I am frequently asked is “can you recommend a coven for me to join/like-minded people for me to meet/a nearby pagan festival? I live in Italy/Texas/Québec.” It seems like a simple question, but it’s actually quite impossible to answer even if you live in the same city as me. I can’t give you a list of covens in your local area or a list of local witches you’d hit it off with as it’s simply beyond me (beyond anyone really), […]


Love Spells

“A woman could want a man so much she might vomit in the kitchen sink or cry so fiercely blood would form in the corners of her eyes. She put her hand to her throat as though someone were strangling her, but really she was choking on all that love she thought she’d needed so badly. What had she thought, that love was a toy, something easy and sweet, just to play with? Real love was dangerous, it got you […]

Flying Ointment FAQs

Flying Ointment FAQs

I receive a lot of questions about my flying ointments via email and social media with many of them being on the same topics so I have compiled ten of the most frequently asked questions about my ointments and their use. If you have any additional questions you don’t see listed please feel free to ask them in the comments and I will do my very best to answer. I’d also love to hear any feedback about those who have […]