The Call from the Great Below

The Call from the Great Below

The Three who are in the earth, the Three who are in the air, the Three who are in the heavens, the Three who are in the great pouring sea. Two years ago the old fairy doctor with her long white hair used the words translated from Scots Gaelic I too use in my rites to cast a protective caim. The trance came on easily with the soothing sound of the familiar words, this world fading and turning black. She took […]

Bioregional Animism

The Song of the Land: Bioregional Animism

greenmantle covers the black earth. Green of different shades and different sizes, the tiniest plant to the tallest tree. The green is full of life; flowers, berries, seeds and the animals and insects who eat them and call them home. The blue sky is filled with life, with feathered birds, winged insects, floating seeds, and invisible pollen floating in the invisible wind. The greenmantle breathes the sky in and out, the world’s largest air purifier. Beneath the greenmantle of frenzied […]

Tveir Hrafnar

Tveir Hrafnar: Sorcery in Silver

first encountered Aidan Wachter last summer when he sent me a very sweet email complimenting my writings and art and sharing his datura anecdotes. We continued to send emails back and forth on magic, poison plant stories, and resources… and then he opened his shop Tveir Hrafnar. I was floored. I swooned. Occult jewelery is big right now, in fact it’s gone mainstream thanks to collaborations between talented designers like Ovate with Joanna Szkiela and Sisters of the Black Moon with […]

Feeding Spirits and Bones

Feeding Spirits and Bones

They slept in total darkness for a month, carefully wrapped in soft cloths and furs, hidden away in a box. Quiet and patient spirits inhabiting skulls, bones, feathers, teeth, claws, horns, antlers, stones, fetiches, and a witch’s tools. Then one day light flooded in and gentle hands descended to remove them one by one, laying them out first on a blanket and then arranging the spirits on top of a antique dresser nicknamed “the beast”; a massive, solid wooden creature […]

Yule 2014

Snow and Warmth, Darkness and Light

ou can feel her coming. She’s not subtle. The chill bite in the air hurts your lungs, makes your eyes water, and nips at your bare skin, turning it bright red. Frost and ice cover every green thing and every trace of water. Then a soft grey blanket covers the sky like a gentle reprieve followed by a strange silence and softly falling flakes of pure white snow. Then you know An Cailleach Bheara has arrived. She shakes her grey […]

Talismanic Illustrations

Talismanic Illustration

onths ago I gave a sneak peek at the illustrations I was working on for The Pagan Bundle. Since then I’ve created five original illustrations exploring the applications of talismanic art. As the pieces are also intended for use as tattoo designs, I wanted to design each one with a magical intent in mind so those who choose to get them as tattoos would not only have a piece of artwork on their skin, but an active magical talisman as […]

Of Goblins and Dark Sacrifices

Of Goblins and Dark Sacrifices

his year I chose to host a fun, playful ritual to avoid the somber Samhain syndrome we witches are so often afflicted with this time of year. Somberness has a place in ancestor reverence, but I’ve found that at large events near Halloween people tend to come with too much mischief bubbling over to successfully transmute into seriousness. The solution? Host a gathering of dark fairies with plenty of trouble and fun for them to get into …and so the […]

Medea's Ritual of the Mandrake

Medea’s Ritual of the Mandrake

itch, pharmakon, demi-goddess, princess, niece of Circe, fierce devotee of Hecate, and beloved sorceress of ancient Greek and Roman literature. Whether a fictional or historical figure, Medea has always fascinated me. My favourite tale featuring the witch Medea is Apollonius Rhodius’ The Argonautica from around 200 BC (though its sources are so old as to be indeterminate). This famous tale of Jason and the Argonauts is the only surviving Hellenistic epic. It is hard to say if it is legend or myth, fact or fiction, […]

Gerald Gardner

Evaluating Our Teachers

hen I was very young and gullible, my first witchcraft teacher had convinced me they were exactly what I wanted and needed. It took a few months for the glamour to crack, but when it did I realized that my teacher was both mentally and physically ill and had been able to fool me (at least for a short time) because they 100% believed in their delusions. This is how many of us get suckered, no matter how clever and […]


Poison Path Reading List

he Poison Path involves the study of traditional ritual entheogens and their use in magic and witchcraft to aid in the achievement of ecstasy, trance, shape-shifting, soul-flight, spirit-sight, sex magic, prophetic visions, and mystic communion with deity. These plants are also used in incense, ointment, oil, potion, and sabbat wine recipes to aid in ones magical workings and sabbat rites. This path is not for everyone and requires extensive research to prevent harm. Besides reading, one of the best ways to […]

The Man in Black

The Man in Black

t was midnight and I was heading home from visiting the chaos magician, standing under a street light and moonlight waiting for my bus at the station, a crossroad of trains and buses and cars. I first heard the click of his shiny black dress shoes against the pavement and looked up and there he was dressed all in black; black button up shirt, black tie, black vest, black dress slacks, black socks, black shoes, and a black fedora with […]

Breaking Tradition

Breaking Tradition

Or, How the Death of Modern Witchcraft is a Myth itchcraft is already dead as a hag, as barren as the moon, as contaminated as the tar sands. Yet Witchcraft is born again in this sacred despoiled landscape, and will be despised as an abomination by those who cannot navigate by the candlelight of guttering stars. Those who seek to escape the fates and furies will learn that they are inexorable.” Apocalyptic Witchcraft by Peter Grey Modern witchcraft is changing […]