Sarah Anne Lawless

A professional artist, writer, and herbalist, Sarah’s work has been published in various books, magazines, and online in The CauldronHex MagazineWitches & Pagans, WitchvoxSerpent Songs, and Hoofprints in the Wildwood. She is a carver, painter, and illustrator working in the mediums of bone, wood, ink and paint creating original artwork, talismans, and ritual tools. Sarah is an animist, initiated witch, and wortcunner with a love of otherworldly beauty, folklore, mythology, poisonous plants, wildcrafting, wild places, and bones.

Currently living just outside of Vancouver, BC, Sarah was born and raised in the wilds and small towns of the Pacific Northwest from Cormorant Island to a stone’s throw from Alaska. Brought up on the folklore and fairy tales of her Irish and Scoto-Scandinavian ancestors, but also immersed in the myths, legends, and traditions of First Nations people, her work is heavily influenced by the lore, flora and fauna of both the Old and New Worlds. An animist and naturalist, her temple is the great rainforest of tall red cedars and big leaf maples, moss-covered, fern covered, with mycelium roots. Her gods are the genius loci and the ancestors and her familiar spirits are the animals, insects, plants and trees of the Pacific Northwest coast.

“A völva skilled in spá she enchanted staves;
worked seiðr where she could,
with magic she bewitched minds,
she was ever the joy of wicked women.”

— Völuspá 22