The Heretic’s Rosary Project

The Heretic’s Rosary Project was two months in the making. The idea came first; to deconstruct and de-consecrate antique and vintage catholic rosaries and add talismans, charms, and animal relics that simply screamed folklore and witchcraft. Then it was quite the task to collect the right rosaries and the most interesting pieces, some old, some new, and some I made myself.

Chari Vari Anghanger Goat and Deer Chari Vari Anghanger There were late nights of sketching ideas and sorting through my beading stash and aptly named “box of dead things”. With thought and care each individual rosary came to life, rebirthed from something old and forgotten to something new and full of talismanic power.

Rosewood Cimaruta Rosary The last step was to have my two handsome friends, a witch and a shapeshifter, drive up from Washington state to stay over for a weekend visit during Imbolc. I fed them and plied them with mead and goodies and in return they agreed to model the rosaries for me. We had a fun visit of late nights conversing on topics of religion, mythology, magic, spirits, and spells. I was sad to see them return home, but know we’ll get into mischief again some time soon.

Below are the final proofs of the rosary photo shoot for my shop Black Arts Foundry. Feast your eyes upon the sexyness… and the rosaries too. Each heretic’s rosary has sold, but never fear, more are sure to come in the near future.

Models layering multiple rosaries

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  • I loved all of these, and I love the project. Looks like much fun all around. My covetousness shall have to wait for future treasures!


  • Joanna DeVoe says:

    That Toad Bone Rosary ROCKS my witchy world!!!

    This whole post does actually. Love the creativity & the reverent irreverence.

    Had to share… again(!) I’ll stop sharing when you stop being awesome. -xo

  • Robin Wallace says:

    Why is everything/one so much sexier in the PNW ? :)

  • The Liminaut says:

    Wonderful idea! So beautiful and powerful.

  • micteufel says:

    The rosewood Cimaruta Rosary is my fave, but I can imagine the fun of digging through the overflow of items in a collection, to remake the rosaries. Good work.

  • mona lisa says:

    Well done . I’m looking forward to your talk at SFU they have had some good speakers.

  • Lee Shawnus says:

    I have the same myself, bought rosaries at the good will shop then changed out the cross with other pieces like yours. The old rosaries i keep intact as YHSVH on the cross reminds me of our being us here in Malkuth to start, eventually moving up the Tree. Blessings.