Flying Ointment FAQs

Sabbat Flying OintmentI receive a lot of questions about my flying ointments via email and social media with many of them being on the same topics so I have compiled ten of the most frequently asked questions about my ointments and their use. If you have any additional questions you don’t see listed please feel free to ask them in the comments and I will do my very best to answer. I’d also love to hear any feedback about those who have used my flying ointments for medicine and magic as it helps me as well as those who would like to give them a try.


  1. Which one is best for beginners? I always recommend either the Mandrake or Henbane ointments to those just starting out as they are a gentler and more pleasant experience.
  2. Which one is the strongest/best and will you make a stronger ointment? No ointment recipe is stronger or better than the other, they are simply different as they use different herbs with different effects on different people. One may work great for you, but have no effect on another person. My ointments are made at the strength they are so they are safe for use by the general public. If you are looking for something stronger you may want to try something else instead such as smokable herbs or herb-infused liqueurs – wormwood is a good herb to start with.
  3. Which one is best for divination/spirit communion? Henbane is best suited for the divinatory arts, mediumship, and necromancy. Mandrake can also be used for this purpose, especially when communing with deities or the dead, and also acts as magical protection from unwanted possession.
  4. Which one is best for sex magic? Mandrake as an ancient aphrodisiac is the best for naughty acts as it won’t have any adverse effects with you mucous membranes like some of the other herbs might (henbane can cause skin irritation and abrasion). I highly recommend the Mandrake for sensual body massage as well. Not only is it aphrodisiac, but it will also soothe any sore muscles and increase your energy levels should you have a partner who keeps you up all night. Friends who have used it (especially at Beltane) say the tin should come with a label that says “warning: may lead to orgies when combined with alcohol”.
  5. How much should I use? I recommend that everyone start with a pea sized amount first to test their reaction to the ointment then to use more after. The standard dose for my ointment recipes are 1-2 tsps (5-10 ml) for women and smaller persons and 2-3 tsps (10-15 ml) for men or larger persons.
  6. How often can I use one? They are safe to use multiple times a month, but I wouldn’t recommend daily use unless you are using them medicinally rather than magically.
  7. Can I combine ointments? Yes, but I would recommend only using ones together that are made with a single herb like the Belladonna, Datura, Henbane, and Mandrake ointments. Use half the dose of each to make up a standard dose or a third if you are combining three.
  8. How will it affect me? They effect everyone a little differently, but effects can include inebriation, giddiness, and light-headedness. My flying ointments can be aphrodisiaceuphoricsedativeanalgesic, and psychoactive. Temporary side effects may include blurry vision, dry mouth, dizziness, and loss of time.
  9. Are they dangerous? The only danger of external use comes from allergies and pre-existing medical conditions. If you are allergic to morphine do not apply ointments containing belladonna. Do not use them if you have a heart condition, serious kidney issues, or are on prescription medications already containing atropine, scopoloamine, or hyoscyamine. Overall, they are about as dangerous as alcohol so use similar precautions.
  10. What is the shelf life? My ointments have a minimum shelf life of 2 years, but when stored properly in a cool, dark and dry place they can last up to 5 years. Ointments can be placed in the fridge or freezer to extend their shelf life, but the ointment may liquify when brought back to room tempterature – this is completely normal.


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  • Elyse says:

    Do most people experience any kind of hangover-like after-effects using the flying ointments?

    • Sarah says:

      I personally haven’t had any issues after use and my friends and patrons haven’t really reported any either. Some people may be a bit tired the next day depending on what they got up to while using the ointment – while others may find themselves having even more energy than before. Some may only experience after effects from the Witches’ Flying Ointment as it contains mugwort and wormwood which can give headache hangovers to some people due to the thujone content.

  • Simone says:

    Where are the most effective places on the body to apply the ointments?

    • Sarah says:

      The best places are the pulse points where your veins are closest to the surface like the wrists, neck, and armpits, but over the heart is also good as the warmth will help the ointment absorb faster. The back is a nice large surface area if you will be applying a large dose and have help. Magically, the third eye, the top and base of the spine, arms and hands for flying, and the soles of the feet are also good. For medicinal use apply it to your joints and muscles or your temples to treat a migraine.

  • Tina Fox says:

    What got you into making flying ointments and which one is your favorite?

    • Sarah says:

      It was reading the works of Christian Ratsch along with ancient Greek literature and medieval grimoires that got the wheels turning with excitement at having found ritual entheogens belonging to Europe. I have two favourites because I can’t pick one: the Mandrake Flying Ointment and the Henbane Flying Ointment (especially the batches of both I made with bear fat).

      • Breo says:

        I’m familiar with Christian Ratsch but you mention “ancient Greek literature and medieval grimoires”. I am an enthusiast (or fanatic) when it comes to ancient occult literature. May I ask what the name of these tomes were?

        • Sarah says:

          Prometheus Bound, The Argonautica, The Golden Ass, and some ancient Greek hymns as well as Honorius, Giambattista della Porta, and Agrippa contain references to poisons/entheogens and some do to ointments as well.

  • Malcolm says:

    Hello. My name is Malcolm. I am so happy to come across your knowledge. I have used most of your ointments, but remember my first and greatest experience with the mandrake ointment. I remember well that the mandrake, when I used it before bed, I was able to experience the wind, the dew on the earth, I was able to fully experience a space , I had only experienced as a child with spirit.

    I do not consolidate myself into any group, if you will, I feel we are all human beings with such living potential. I have always considered myself spiritual medium, but as I grew, spirit seemed harder to communicate naturally. The mandrake brought a sense of that back to me, which I had naturally with spirit as a child, but I would love your response on how the mandrake, and not the others delivered this to me. I am a twin, Pisces, and Gàidhlig. . . I just know that the mandrake took me back home to a place what I call ‘my Gàidhlig spirits’.

    I’m am rambling at the moment, so I apologize for that. Let me just say, thank you! … And hearts n’ shit! For what you have done! Much respect. I also have a personal question… I have just had a negative neighbour come to me and bash me for my beliefs and who thinks in sending negative energy. I have never had such discrimination on me a a human being, other than being being gay in the USofA. So personal advice for dealing with negative neighbours who feel that they can call the cops because I’m “different” spiritually, but also, the mandrake, I just love. It was 100% awesome with spirit. Is there a connection with either twin Pisces or Gàidhlig background would the mandrake influence that anymore? Thank you! I will continue to share your posts. The most true education from a world of textbook knowledge and misunderstanding.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m glad Mandrake has been so good to you Malcolm. She’s one of my personal favourites. Mandrake doesn’t have any associations with twins, pisces, or Scots that I know of, but one of the purposes of a flying ointment is to take you anywhere you wish to go. There was supposedly a variety of mandrake native to Scotland and other parts of the isles at one point, but it is long extinct.

      As for your neighbour, if they are harassing you, the best thing you can do is document each occurrence so if they try to call the cops on you, you can present the harassment evidence and get them in trouble instead. Magically, I would just set up strong protections for your house and a talisman to wear whenever you leave home. It’s good sense whether you have crazy neighbours or not.

  • Sarah, as you know, I love your ointments! The Sabbat Flying Ointment is extremely effective for me when I go into trance, and HOLY HUNKA MUNKA, when I use it before bed I have the most deliciously deep sleep filled with magical dreams. When I wake, I feel languid and soft and somehow more physically grounded than usual. It’s a wonderful feeling – like I traveled far and worked hard all night, then arrived back home to blissfully rest back in my body-bed at long last.

    I have some Witches’ Flying Ointment as well that’s waiting to be used. I’m very-very-very excited to hear that it’s especially useful for divination. Looking forward to using it in some Dark Moon divination later this week!

  • Adrienne says:

    Do any of the ointments react with blood thinners such as Coumadin/Warfarin?

    • Sarah says:

      I couldn’t tell you as I doubt a study has ever been done. I recommend against using flying ointments when you are taking medication for any serious conditions whether physical or mental.

  • toad wurzel says:

    I was wondering, when you prepare for example your henbane ointment, do you use the whole herb, or just specific parts of the plant. Also, is there any spiritual/ magical purposes for this like Don Juan in the Castaneda accounts if you do. I have used datura preparations ,being as she grows everywhere here, in the past and find her to be a bit dark and trickster like in the visions she gives, how would compare the henbane spirit’s personality. Thank you again for another incredible article. And congrats on motherhood, blessings to you and the wee one.

    • Sarah says:

      For me personally it is a mixture of using what I have on hand as well as what part is safest to use – for example the roots and seeds will always be much stronger than the leaf. Most often, I’m using a mixture of seed and leaf. With mandrake, however, I only use the root.

      I rather like henbane, it’s one of my favourites even though it smells like onions and rotting meat and has a tendency to kill insects. I find it is friendly enough to spirit workers. If it grows easily and well for you, it likes you and will treat you well.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hey Sarah! I’m very excited to receive your ointment… I ordered the witches flying ointment and I noticed that, unlike the others, it does not have a warning against using the ointment for sex magic. Is that because this is a safe ointment for that use? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      It’s not the best one for sex magic as mugwort and wormwood aren’t euphoric or aphrodisiac like the solanaceae (mandrake, belladonna, datura), but it is safe for it, yes 😉

  • Larry says:

    Hi Sarah

    I put some on my forehead. It felt kind of warmth. When doing a guided meditated with binaural beats. I fell asleep eventually.. Since I never used it before, what type of effects should I experience ? In the future ,I would get others.

    One last thing, do you accept money orders ?