The Red Raven

Blackthorn Raven knife pommel

The Shaman forged the primitive hidden tang steel blade with a propane forge. I made the handle out of blackthorn, ritually harvested during the Wolf Moon two winters ago.  I carved the pommel into a raven as this creature is beloved to our mutual friend and witch who this blade was crafted for. We wrapped the handle with red cotton per her instruction, which I carefully stitched in place, and then wrapped the joint with sinew to finish it. The Red Raven is now in the possession of its very happy new owner.

Blackthorn handled ritual knife


17 Responses to “The Red Raven”

  1. It’s nice to see you carving again. Are you having any problems from it?

  2. Sue Quarto says:

    Can I ask what is the significance of using sinew?

  3. Jose Prado says:

    Fascinating stuff, by any chance do you take requests? I can save up some money if you’ll make me a Wand and Athame. I’ve designed how I want them to look and with what materials. It may take me a while to get the money but would you and the Shaman be willing to do it?

  4. noxael says:


  5. Fimbulmyrk says:

    That´s a good looker and a ritual tool by someone who knows her business! What steel did you take for it?

    • It was recycled tool-quality steel, but that’s all I know – metal’s not my gig!

      • Fimbulmyrk says:

        It looks the part.and shit on the numbers;-)… I am fond of spring steel, and do not know anything about it when I pick it up, for most is crap that comes to me. It is a good way to learn the name of iron, if you know less about it. Thanks!

  6. Kim says:

    Great to see the finished piece. Nice teamwork between you and your friend. The friend that gets the finished blade has great taste. Hoping your allergies aren’t getting the best of you. You are too talented at the wood carving to have issues with it.

  7. Dawn Wolf says:

    I’m wondering how you attatched the sinew? Ive worked with it before and find it very hard to knot and make stay in place because it’s so slippery and sticky. How do you work with it? Thx!

  8. rhiannon says:

    Awesome! I’m drooling.

  9. The steel of the blade was made from 1060 carbon steel – one of the very best to temper into blades and tools.

  10. says:

    I am completely jealous, that’s very pretty. You’re talented.