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My article in Witches & Pagans MagazineBesides being incredibly busy and trying to stay sane, I’ve also been up to various projects for publication and scheduling workshops and rituals for 2013. After having a crazy day, I was more than delighted to find my copies of the new Witches & Pagans air issue in my mailbox. ย I wrote and illustrated an article for it titled “The Girl Who Found a Feather: A Journey into the Magic of Birds” exploring the mythology of birds and feathers as well as how to incorporate feathers into magic and ritual. Considering my bone collecting, you must have guessed my own feather and wing collection is quite massive… They are the ritual tool I use the most with my bear and deer drums running a close second.

I was also delighted to read the humourous article “The Magic of ’63: In which Goddess-palooza turns out to be a ‘civilized religion after all” by my good friend, local elder, and Pagan academic Fritz Muntean (some of you may remember him from The Pomegranate). He smashes preconceptions of early neoPaganism’s roots in North America (as he was there making our history) while also making us laugh at ourselves.

The Magick of Air issue is now available for purchase or download here: BBI Media Store

My article and illustrations in Witches & Pagans Magazine

In other news I somehow managed to snag a presenter’s spot for next year’s Medicine of the People (formerly known as Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference) hosted by Kiva Roseย in Arizona. It’s a wild celebration of Western herbalism, folk medicine, animism, music, and wonder. Two of my workshops were accepted and so I will be teaching a class on animistic herbalism and another on crafting bioregional incense.

I was invited to host the main ritual for The Witches’ Sabbat at Raven’s Knoll outside of Ottawa, Ontario July 2013. It will be a Luciferian-themed ritual in honour of the horned sabbat lord and fueled by wormwood — absinthe, ointment, and incense.

As if that weren’t enough, my workshop proposal for next year’s BC Shamanic Conference was accepted (after being voluntold to submit one). This year’s theme is “Return to the Forest” and I will be teaching a workshop and ritual called “Rediscovering Ancestral Plant Wisdom” (aka teaching the shamans how to use European psychoactive plants). Registration is already almost full for my class, so if you are interested – register now! It’s a pricey conference because it’s a week-long with heated cabins and fully catered, but you only need to pay $50 minimum to register and the rest can be done in installments. My friends Nikiah, Seb, Fritz, Mel, and Grantย (aka “The Shaman”) will also be presenting workshops and rituals and the international presenters include Finnish bear shaman Christiana Harle and Michael Dunning of Yew Shamanism.

This weekend I’m off to the Western Gate Samhain Festival in Kelowna, BC to teach a workshop on ancestor worship and to host an ancestral ritual afterwards. Friday there’s a Celtic Concert and Jam with three talented performers and the rest of the weekend will be full of talks, rituals, and community magic. I hear there’s still a handful of tickets available, so if you’re within driving distance – go for it! Did I mention Brendan Myers and Morpheus Ravenna (from American Mystic) will be there?

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  • Saw the article, it was excellent!

    It’s ironic that you’re coming out here to the desert for the herbalist conference. My wife’s herbalism teacher participates/supports that conference and about the time you’ll be coming out here for the conference, we’ll be moving to the pacific northwest. The winds are switching, lol.

    • Leathra says:

      Oh? If you come to the Witches’ Sabbat maybe I’ll get to meet you then. Its only a 15 hour drive…if I start now I should get my passport in time, right? ;p

      • Leathra says:

        Whoops haha sorry, that was meant as a response to Grey Catsidhe. Format confused me. ^_^;; I’m really looking forward to going though! It’ll be my first time out of the US. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • greycatsidhe says:

    Wonderful news for you! My, you are busy! I am hoping to get my paws on that magazine issue soon. I would love to take one of your workshops down the road. Won’t be able to happen this year, although things in Ottawa are a possibility since I only live a couple hours away!

  • Congrats all around!

  • Cunning Man of the East says:

    Can you give some directions on ancestor worship to all of us poor fellows that cannot make it to your workshop…pleaseeeeee….:)

  • Laurel says:

    Congrats on all of the opportunities popping up for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Raven’s Knoll is a lovely spot! There are a couple of us here in Northern Ontario that are hoping to make it down for The Witches Sabbat shindig.

  • chellyisme says:

    Woo Raven’s knoll is within driving distance of me! I may drive up to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • judith says:

    I’m excitedly looking forward to the Witches’ Sabbat!!

    Also, my d-i-l gets the magazine in the mail– I was reading through it, turned the page to your article and looked at the illustrations and said, “Sarah!!”
    Then I looked to see who was writing….. Go, you!