I Will Pluck the Yarrow Fair

Yarrow, crystal, and vine

I went for a walk in the autumn sun and at my feet I found blooming yarrow with its sweet fragrance and soft fern leaves. It is the best of luck to find yarrow when you are not seeking it so I plucked the yarrow fair and I brought it home to grace my windowsill. Once upon a time, in the Western Isles of Scotland, this Gaelic charm was spoken upon harvesting yarrow and so it fell from my lips. What a talisman it will make when it is dried… Maiden’s flower, death flower, blood herb, seer’s herb, shaman’s smoke; bring me love and friendship and protect me from harm.


Carmina Gadelica, vol. II (1900)

Buainidh mi an earr reidh,
Gum bu cheinide mo chruth,
Gum bu bhlathaide mo bheuil,
Gum bu gheinide mo ghuth.
Biodh mo ghuth mar ghath na grein,
Biodh mo bheuil mar ein nan subh.

Gum bu h-eilean mi air muir,
Gum bu tulach mi air tir,
Gum bu reuil mi ri ra dorcha,
Gum bu lorg mi dhuine cli,
Leonaidh mi a h-uile duine,
Cha leoin duine mi.


I will pluck the yarrow fair,
That more benign shall be my face,
That more warm shall be my lips,
That more chaste shall be my speech,
Be my speech the beams of the sun,
Be my lips the sap of the strawberry.

May I be an isle in the sea,
May I be a hill on the shore,
May I be a star in waning of the moon,
May I be a staff to the weak,
Wound can I every man,
Wound can no man me.

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  • triskelerose says:

    Awesome! Thank you! I have Yarrow in my kitchen right now ………….

  • elnigma says:

    That was lovely!

  • Bah, you stole my idea 😀 Great minds think alike, I suppose. I was going to post this charm on my blog. Alas, alas.

  • Hi,

    Am curious as to how much your flying ointments are? Have found a few recipes for the such using oilve oile. Am not too certain they would work. Had read on a site while engine search for the ointment called Witches Ungeunt. It calls for a fat I’ll never conder!! I like children as my two younger sisters are married and such have three kids apiece. Me? Just never found a man whom I can trust.

    Sinerely, Dawn Paschke Blue Earth,MN

  • Nikkie says:

    O love Yarrow. It is surely my most favorite herb. I have loads of Yarrow growing at my front door. I have neglected it of late and notice that Aarum lillies took over. Thanks for making me aware again.

  • Valentina says:

    Yarrow is one of my favorites and I keep some all year round on hand. :-)

  • Kim says:

    They recommend different types of yarrow flower remedies to empaths and overwhelmed seers and mediums to help cope with the emotional and spiritual fall-out of having those abilities. Also it’s in blends aimed at people emotionally coping with severe natural disasters and even things like nuclear fall-out. I have tried a flower remedy called Yarrow Environmental Solution when I’ve felt really overwhelmed dealing with Sensory Disorder, as well as the whole overwhelm on the more spiritual side of things. It actually helps even more than Rescue Remedy.