Sing a Song for a Spell

In Irish mythology magic is music and everything on earth and in the universe is a song. Music is powerful and cathartic. Most of us can’t live (happily) without it. Taliesin sang to create his magic, Dagda had his magic harp, the sirens had their songs, the Norse had their galdrar, and Robert Johnson had the blues.

You may not play an instrument (or maybe you play a mean ukulele and are now offended), but you have a voice! Sing in the shower, in your car, when you’re cooking, or during ritual. It’s not silly or cheesy, it’s practical. Singing weaves fate in harmony with your desires. You can sing for all the magic and mischief you get into — whether its made up on the spot, pop songs, heavy metal, pagan music, or the traditional charms and folk songs of the Outer Hebrides — sing it for your spells and prayers and rituals. It’s not for everyone and it may not work for everyone, but, if you’re the type of magician who gets goosebumps or hot flashes when singing magic, this is definitely for you.

Sing your favourite songs to call money and prosperity to yourself:

I Need A Dollar by Aloe Blacc


To bestow a curse:

Destroyer by The Stills


To win a girl:

Ho Hey by the Lumineers


To invoke your heathen ancestors:

Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin


To invoke the Horned Lord:

Come to the Sabbat by Black Widow


and so on…


19 Responses to “Sing a Song for a Spell”

  1. Angelina says:

    *sigh* just love the Lumineers.

    Me and my partner have gotten into singing “Evil Woman” by ELO before rituals, gets me in the mood lol

  2. lancemfoster says:

    Excellent reminder Sarah! Singing is much more important and much more powerful than people often realize. My uncle told me all our tribal prayers used to be sung, not said. Here is one of my posts about singing:

  3. Trishkill says:

    I try to never miss a blog from you. I have never heard of Tricky Pixie and I think I’m in love <3

  4. lancemfoster says:

    PS. Another one I really enjoy, for attracting love.

  5. lancemfoster says:

    PS. A music-only version of the same video so you can hear the words better.
    You’ll be, hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm, magnet for money
    You’ll be, mm-mm-mm-mm, magnet for love
    You’ll feel, hmm, light in your body
    Now I’m gonna say, gonna say these words:

    Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo
    Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo

    It might hmm-mmm-mm-mm…It might rain money
    It might hm-hi-hi-hi…It might rain fire
    Now I’m gonna call,
    Gonna call on Legba.
    Get yourself a sign
    Get your love and desire.

    Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo
    Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempou
    Papa Legba,
    Come and open the gate.
    Papa Legba,
    To the city of camps.
    Now, we’re your children
    Come and ride your horse
    In the night
    In the night
    Come and ride your horse

    There is a queen
    Of six sevens and nines
    Dust in your garden
    Poison in your mind
    There is a king
    That will steal your soul
    Din’t let him catch you,
    Don’t let him get control.

    Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo
    Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo

    Papa Legba,
    Come and open the gate
    Papa Legba,
    To the city of camps
    Now, we’re your children
    Come and ride your horse

    In the night
    In the night, come and ride your horse
    In the night
    In the night, come and ride your horse
    In the night
    In the night, come and ride your horse

  6. Ostensibly related, this song has always struck me as a self-contained ritual. Some sort of grim invocation, perhaps:

  7. Love the Fantasia video and discovering Tricky Pixie songs, going to reblog those. Thanks.

  8. This is a really appealing idea! I love to sing but I’ve never thought about using it in this way! Thank you for sharing this thought! :)

  9. Hehe, always a fun thing to do: singing. I can’t wait until the next gathering for more singing! Maybe a nice Fith-Fath song? Or something more modern!

  10. Verity says:

    I love to sing, I’ve been trying to incorporate more music into my life… It’s tricky cos it’s not something I’ve really grown up with; music doesn’t come automatically to me. I love the idea of the world as a song, though – it resonates with me very deeply. Thanks for this reminder.

  11. I always make up songs while doing my witchcraft business especially while cooking :-)

  12. Nikkie says:

    Aaaahhh to sing! Magical! ;)

  13. Nikkie says:

    I absolutely LOVE the synchronicity! Another Witch friend of mine have been talking about the same subject just last night. goosebumps indeed.

  14. Weirdo says:

    Great post! I usually sing along to this song when working with Pan, it really makes a difference.

  15. The Lumineers!!!! YAY!!!

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  18. Eric de Fountaines says:

    Funny, I usually celebrate the Houzle singing “A Case of You” by Joni Mitchell. It’s always felt like a heretic’s eucharistic hymn.

  19. Adam Beld says:

    Haha!All my life singing has brought great peace to my spirit,especially in times of sorrow and loneliness.Lately,I have sang to all my spirits and as an offering to the Plant,Animals,and Stone spirits.