Just Your Average Thorsday

Burning feathers for Aves Ointment

I haven’t been able to cook in my kitchen for a couple of days… sometimes the things in the oven and on the stove are not so edible in a witch’s kitchen. There are big jars of flying ointments in the oven infusing : oils and fats of duck and bear infusing with poisonous herbs and sticky sweet balm of gilead. I light crow feathers aflame until they turn to ashes, powder them, and mix them into the Aves Ointment with the dust of wild bird bones.

Crafting Flying Ointments in the Kitchen

There is a pot of bear fat rendering on the stove from gelatinous mess to a clear earthy-blood colour. I’m hoping to turn this batch into bear tallow candles. My home smells heavy of the scent of rich fat and sandalwood incense with the sounds of Wardruna pouring out the open windows this warm summer evening.

Rendering Fresh Bear Fat on the Stove

It’s not just mead bubbling away in my kitchen; nearby is a bucket of hydrogen peroxide gurgling like a witch’s cauldron as it cleans wolf and bobcat skulls.

Cleaning Wolf and Bobcat Skulls

I’ve been busily crafting ointments, incense, and smoking blends to restock the apothecary┬áby this weekend.

Mandragora, Yew, and Saffron

I had a lovely Midsummer’s evening of tarot, mischief, and a friend’s homemade wine. I hope yours was lovely too!

A Mischievous Midsummer to All!

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