Holly and Yew Ritual Blades

Yew knife in progress with finished Holly blade

The shaman came over for a day of gore, defleshing skulls and preparing them for maceration (beer and incense are your friends when maggots are involved), and afterward we needed to do something a little lighter to cheer up. We went through my box of bones for inspiration and found the end of a wolf leg bone I wasn’t sure what to do with. I was thinking the end of a wand, but he saw a knife pommel. Then I remembered I had buffalo bone blades and an idea was born. We found a piece of seasoned yew that curved to match the curve of the bone and I set to work carving a knife handle while he carved a wooden knife from holly for our friend Jarnsmior.

Holly ritual bade

Here is the finished holly blade above complete with a bind rune painted with red ochre and a red wool and silk-wrapped handle. The wood was harvested from a friend’s holly tree on a full moon a few year’s back and the wool-silk yarn is from a local silk weaver’s collective. The Shaman even made a sheath for it from a scrap of saddle leather I had. Jarnsmior seemed very much in love with it when he received his gift yesterday.

Yew wood and wolf bone ritual knife

Above is the finished ritual blade I crafted with the carved yew handle (also harvested on a full moon) with the same bind rune as the holly, my world tree sigil, the buffalo bone blade, wolf bone pommel, and deer sinew. I also stitched up some leather with sinew to make a sheath. It’s a good sturdy knife and now in the Shaman’s possession.

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