Skulls and Poisons

Deer and Crow Skulls

I’ve been a busy witch, writing and illustrating my heart out since returning from festival goodness. I had some professional deadlines to meet before heading out East to Ontario and here’s a sneak peak at the pen and ink linework drawings I finished this week to accompany an article I wrote – deer and bear skulls with delicious poisonous plants:

Illustrating skulls and poisons

Below is the current state of my desk; covered in illustrations, dried Douglas Fir tips, Sequoia wood, a crow wing, toad bones, woodwork to ship tomorrow, and my tray of beads and charms for crafting talismans. I have many plans for making things once I’m able to catch this mystical “free time” thing I hear rumour of… perhaps it will appear after I’m finished all of my travelling.

What the witch's desk currently looks like


10 Responses to “Skulls and Poisons”

  1. Rocky says:

    Beautiful! I love working in pen and ink and adding intricate details. You must know those bones and plants inside and out by now!

  2. The deer-skull line-art is stunning; I really never tire of seeing your work =)

  3. Syne EW says:

    Gods your drawings !! <3
    I'm particularly in love with mushrooms these days (not as breakfast but as a source of inspiration for paintings^^) and yours are wonderful. The skulls are too…
    I really love the way you draw, with simple black traits, without colors it's even stronger I think.

  4. Mr. Wolf says:

    Tropane alkaloids…”the Witches Brew.” I understand a brewer in Oregon makes an Amanita beer, & the “moonflower” datura has a sanguine subspecies…worthy projects both.

  5. oooooooooh…

    What is this “free time” you speak of?


  6. and by the by, love the breasts on the mandrake

  7. Your blog is amazing in general, I’ve had such a good time perusing. Thanks for the lovely words & artwork!

  8. HiddenWitch says:

    You’re so amazing all the time. :)

  9. Love the pigma microns. Great Work.

  10. Maria Antonietta says:

    Your drawings have arrived in Italy too…very very beautiful!!!