Skulls and Poisons

Deer and Crow Skulls

I’ve been a busy witch, writing and illustrating my heart out since returning from festival goodness. I had some professional deadlines to meet before heading out East to Ontario and here’s a sneak peak at the pen and ink linework drawings I finished this week to accompany an article I wrote – deer and bear skulls with delicious poisonous plants:

Illustrating skulls and poisons

Below is the current state of my desk; covered in illustrations, dried Douglas Fir tips, Sequoia wood, a crow wing, toad bones, woodwork to ship tomorrow, and my tray of beads and charms for crafting talismans. I have many plans for making things once I’m able to catch this mystical “free time” thing I hear rumour of… perhaps it will appear after I’m finished all of my travelling.

What the witch's desk currently looks like

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