The Witch’s Egg Moon

By flame and goat and cauldron

I prepared a small feast of fruits, great Granny’s fruitcake recipe made by my mom, and cracked open a bottle of local ale for the Moon and my spirits. I lit the candles and spoke my invocations which are more akin to invitations with such familiar spirits.  I anointed my forehead, breasts, belly, hands and feet with holy water to purify and align myself with the Moon. I asked for blessings upon my family, friends, and even my enemies.  I spoke from my heart and caught my spirits up with my life, what I’ve learned from recent experiences, what I know I need to do to live my truth, and asked for advice and aid on the things I am having trouble with.

Offerings of food and ale

I burned my homemade moon incense fragrant with sandalwood, jasmine, and calamus root. I shared in the feast of food and drink having a holy communion with my spirits. I anointed myself and my bear skull with henbane from my garden steeped in the bear fat I rendered. They pair well. Henbane’s oldest use is divination – for dreams and visions. Bears are masters of the dream world with how much of the year they spend asleep in an altered state between consciousnesses. Covered in the bear’s oil, I bathed naked in the light of the full moon soaking it into my soul.

Grandmother Crow looks on

Burning moon incense at the altar Spirits listening

I shuffled my tarot cards and did a simple spread. The cards were good – all related to my spiritual path, crafting, and good friends. They showed I was leaving the negative behind me. An extra card appeared by the spread. It didn’t fall out when I was shuffling or drawing and it couldn’t have slipped off the top of the deck – the spirits are tricksy sometimes. I have gotten this card many times relating to the future. It shows I have followed my fate well with a good heart and it will come to pass.

I blew out the candles, slipped under my blankets and dreamed full moon dreams. I dreamed advice and answers to my questions. I dreamed of a gorgeous black stallion and a softer than soft black female tiger – both connected to travel, communication, and the otherworld (or perhaps the underworld) in this dream. I often dream of black animals and many of my familiars are black.

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  • Sonya Racine says:


  • Questa è una benedizione dei vecchi modi…thank you for sharing…

  • You always have something great and very personal and very Magickal to share !
    I always look forward to your postings and sharing!
    I am a new comer to your blog but now I am very addicted to it & I just wish to say THANK YOU! I have a special folder that I am putting all of your posts in so I can look back and re read…

    Selwynn WhiteThorne

  • hegelsholiday says:

    Very serene. I sometimes find myself in bouts with doubt and uncertainty, and last night offered a much needed serenity for me, as well. Sometimes, it seems we forget or neglect simplicity. Laying in silence in the woods, staring up at the Moon, and just listening as the Earth gives up her secrets whispered in the winds. Or just sitting in the dark, feeling the subtle warmth of the spirits around you.

    Fitting that it would be the Egg Moon. New beginnings, rebirth. I am reminded of Hesse: “The bird fights its way out of the egg. That egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.” Our continual “hatching” – does it not come by first breaking our concepts of the world? Even the concepts of our path? To shrug aside the familiar and just listen, as the spirits reassure you that yes, you are walking the right way, and yes, they are still walking beside you, and you need not fear the Destroyer, Doubt…

  • ladyimbrium says:

    Based on some of the things I’ve been reading this morning it seems like this moon had a very special significance for a lot of folks. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I always learn something from you.

  • worsanos says:

    Your posts are always such a treat to read! Thanks for sharing this! I really need to make more time to connect to the lunar current.

  • Moonfire333 says:

    I love your blog posts, especially the ones about your rituals, they have this otherworldly quality to it, love it :)

  • mojo says:

    Sarah, can you e-mail me privately…I have a question about working with road-kill…do you use egg-shells to trace the body on the ground…before you work with it…to ‘ressurect’ the Spirit from the Body…


  • “asked for advice and aid on the things I am having trouble with.” Ohhhh.. so much Ohhh.. and then a bit of duh.. ask, I am allowed to ask! sometimes I am a tad oblivious to these ways..but at least I am learning right? *grins*

    thank you very much *grins more*