The Rebirth of My Herbs

Baby Belladonna

I didn’t save much from my secret garden, but I did save a few plants – my rue and red-flowered yarrow, my ficus and my badly bruised aloe. I pulled up my belladonna and henbane with the intent of harvesting the roots for alrauns, but I didn’t clean the roots right away and after a few days I noticed one of the belladonna roots was sprouting. What else does one do when something sprouts? I planted it in some dirt and all these leaves came. Now it’s about three times as big as the picture above and the leaves have darkened. She never did so well in the old garden, but now she’s really hit her stride.

The tiny window garden

I cut back my aloe, rue, and yarrow plants and now they’re all experiencing rebirths with new leaves and shoots. My friend gave me a salvia cutting and after putting in water for a while, it’s now in dirt. It’s been a month and the stem is still green, so I hope it lives and roots! I am so happy my windows are south-facing so the plants get light even on a cloudy day. The witches garden will live again… and now I wonder how henbane would do indoors?

My rue



14 Responses to “The Rebirth of My Herbs”

  1. Awww look at the little belladonna! So cute >,<

  2. SatSekhem says:

    Your garden is beautiful.

  3. Ambrosius says:

    Very cool, looks like you’re reclaiming your green.

  4. ahhh you make my fingers itch to be playing in the dirt again; to be carefully sifting seeds then tending and nurturing the little plants as they poke through the soil. Eagerly awaiting the day they can be taken outdoors, replanted in the garden and of course, finally, harvesting the herbs

    oh hurry up and sell house so that we can buy our house, plant our roots …

    Your garden is lovely

  5. BeneathTheFirmament says:

    Wonderful. From one gardener to another, I am please that you are able to continue your love affair with horticulture in your new place.

  6. scott says:

    You would be referred to as having a ‘green thumb’ in this area.

    It’s good to see your plant companions enjoying an uninterrupted growth cycle.

  7. lbspatissier says:

    How recent were these pics taken? you must have magical hands having your plants sprouting this way in autumn ;) Beautiful little garden by the way.

  8. nightjohn88 says:

    This is great! I’ve never had much of a green thumb. Nothing I plant ever grows very well, and plants just seem to die when placed in my care. I’m a bit jealous.

  9. To me, the belladonna roots sprouting sounds like a sign.

  10. Harold Roth says:

    I have actually gotten henbane to grown under ordinary fluorescent bulbs in the basement during the winter, and it even flowered (this was H. aureus). It kind of got ahead of me, in fact. You might want to experiment with using such a light–not the expensive grow-lights, but just what is called here a shop light, keeping it no more than an inch or two from the leaves, just as if you were growing on seedlings. Banefuls seem to really love those lights.

    It is very heartening to see you growing your herbs in your new place.

  11. Sunny says:

    Yeah for window gardens. I have been growing things in pots for years. They always seem happy enough (my dill went crazy and took over). I have grown sweet peppers, carrots, and had some success with corn and peas.
    Anything is can happen with a little love, a little magic and a little light :)

  12. Granthrax says:

    If anyone can get a witches garden going indoors, I’m sure that it is you. From what I’ve seen of your skills on your Blog thus far, you’ll have a vertiable forest in your living room in no time!

    My question would be how you’re going to deal with the lady Belladonna’s tendency to climb, indoors? She’s generally speaking a climber, no?


  13. Jetamio Blue says:

    I appreciate your writing and explaining the deal with necromancy. It cleared everything up for me. I no longer have a bad feeling about it. Just goes to show that we are afraid of what we don’t understand. I walk with the sun and the moon, perhaps more with the moon. Winter is my favorite time of year and Samhain and Winter Solstice my favorite holidays. I just received my lovely salves from you and they are fabulous. Thank you and have a sweet Thanksgiving! Jetamio Blue

  14. Bone House says:

    I have a question maybe some of you could answer. Do any of you know anything about making herbal dyes for ritual work? Anything you can tell me is helpful. Thanks!

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