Owl Speaks

Skull and yew wood fetiche

Owl regains her voice with the help of a yew wood jaw. An example of wood used to replace bone. Such a practice in old myths and tales makes perfect sense to me and I’ve compared wood with bone and flesh before here and here. Want to see more pics? They’re on my facebook. My friend who is a carpenter has inspired me to play with wood again, but slowly, carefully, and on my own terms – which so far translates to tiny things made out of yew wood. Fruit and nut woods are still a big no no.

Owl speaks


10 Responses to “Owl Speaks”

  1. Beautiful! I never knew that an owl’s sockets were so huge.

  2. greycatsidhe says:

    Oh that is just gorgeous and ingenious! Considering the lore surrounding yew, it seems a perfect material for your owl skull.

  3. Keith Campbell says:

    > Fruit and nut woods are still a big no no.

    Clearly I haven’t been reading long enough. May I inquire as to why this is, or can you provide a link to the post that explains it? :-)

  4. cinnageek says:

    Thats pretty neat. :) but be gentle with yourself around the wood.

  5. Sunny says:

    Its wonderful that you are restarting something you love. It looks great.

  6. I think it looks fabulous

  7. Hi Sarah,
    I’m glad to see that your plants made it. :D

  8. black flight says:

    wow thats remarkable !

    and kind

  9. Hi Sarah,

    I never cease to be amazed by your artistic talent and craftiness! Your work is inspirational and numinous at the same time. Keep up the fabulous work!