The New Issue of “The Cauldron” is Out

TC # 142 (November 2011) contains the following in-depth articles:

  • The Leaves of Hekate – the Plant Lore of the Thessaly Witches by Daniel A. Schulke
  • Traditional Fairy Lore by Professor Ronald Hutton
  • The Black-Faced God in Traditional Witchcraft by Theresa A. Lucas
  • Magical Voices of the West – interviews with necromancer Jake Statton-Kent & magician Misha Newell
  • The Visions of Scottish Witch Isobel Gowdie by Dr Emma Wilby
  • Aunt Caroline Dye – American Conjure Woman by Cory Hutcheson
  • Eliphas Levi & the French Occult Revival (part 2) by Tracey Thursfield
  • Land Guardianship by Sarah Lawless
  • Arthur Gauntlett – 17th century cunning man

That’s me and my buddy Cory in there with the esteemed company of Schulke, Hutton, and Wilby (Wilby is my hero). And you may remember the cover art I did for this issue: Ravens Ripen in Autumn. Now go grab a copy – Mike Howard doesn’t do back issues!

Author Sarah

Illustrator and weaver of words. Witch. Forest siren with talons, succubic tendencies, a love of otherworldly beauty, poisonous plants, wild places and dead things.

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  • Geetar646 says:

    This is some very solid scholarship for what appears an Indy published journal. I used to consume these sort of weird fictions in the 70’s back when you were in your previous incarnation. Your artwork here would be a most welcome addition I think. I checked the web page to their journal; it appears a bit stuffy. Back in my day there was the old Coven 13 magazine published in Van Nuys. The artwork was a combo of 70’s porn with Sabbath acid rock. Another pop book in those days was “the Satanists”. This is a very interesting mag; I wish they’d buy more of your stuff to make it a bit more visually stimulating.

  • It’s been around for a good long time. Visually stimulating is expensive, lol.

  • Geetar646 says:

    Thanks, witch. But I was actually looking for something more along the lines of this:
    Btw, the ancestor fume is working very intense mojo at this time of year again. Must be the veil.

    • I think you just scarred more than a few people…. sounds like you’re looking for occult porn instead of witchcraft magazines – you might want to sort that out.

      • Geetar646 says:

        Well, at least somebody’s getting scared here, Sarah. Quote from Buck, the guy I used to trick-or-treat with, circa 1974, “that witch house this year is lame.”

  • Gary says:

    I have wanted to subscribe to THE CAULDRON for quite some time. Unfortunately, I have only managed to purchase a few back issues from e-bay. I have been impressed with the journal as well as with Mike Howard’s books for quite some time. His CHILDREN OF CAIN is next on my ” books to buy” list. The problem is that a subscription to the THE CAULDRON cannot be obtained by credit card payment or through PayPal. I am somewhat concerned about sending a personal check by mail overseas, although many probably do that without incident. In any event, congratulations, Sarah, for contributing your artistry in two forms to this respected publication.

    • I know, it’s the only thing that’s kept me from subscribing. If Mike updated the site, accepted paypal and credit cards, and offered back issues or collections of the best articles he could probably make a good profit off the magazine. But, it is what it is.

  • Mike says:

    ‘The Cauldron’ is not a business, has never been about money and is non-profit making. I do understand that for some reason Americans are reluctant to send cheques or international money orders, both of which we accept. Those Americans who do subscribe to TC don’t seem to have a problem taking out a subscription.I am looking into Paypal has eventually cheques will be phased out in the UK but as it means inceasing the cost of a subscription I am reluctant to go down that road until I have to. I do have selected articles from past issues on the website and most issues sell out so back issues are not generally avaliable.
    Hope this clears up any misunderstanings and thanks Sarah for for mentioning Tc and recommending it



    • I understand it’s non-profit, but it might be nice to have more to spend on TC ;). For the articles I was thinking more along the line of publishing a book anthology like Green Egg did. I would swoon with witchy delight if you ever did that.

      I get where you are coming from on the opposite end as I have customers who are as cautious with Paypal as Gary and I are with mailing personal cheques. I’ve found Paypal to be invaluable though as it accepts debit, credit, e-checks, and money transfers – and the cost of using it is so low it’s almost free (unlike online credit card services). It also does the shipping labels for you so its a one stop shop. I haven’t had to stand in line at the post office in a long time!

    • cinnageek says:

      Money orders are all cool, but I know that the company I work for no longer accepts cheques at all. There has simply been too much fraud with them in Canada. It means that I don’t even know where my cheque book is since its been about 5 years since I wrote one.. lol.

      But Money orders are simple and easy to get, but I’m sure its part the whole having to go to the bank and all that. We’ve all gotten too used to slapping it on the CC and forgetting about it. 🙂

      Interesting link Sarah, I’ll go check it out when Im not all brain dead.

  • Mike says:

    Well, you are beginning to sell Paypal to me! Trust you are gettinga commission on sales 🙂 I did use Paypal recently to order something from Australia and had a negative experience. They took the money twice from my account and my bank account got frozen until I sorted it out. Not a very good introduction to the system! I am not adverse to the idea but it takes a while to drag me sceraming and kicking into the 21st century. It would be nice to have more money to spend on the magazine but as I said that has never been my motivation in producing it – or writing books.

  • I have to say that 1) I’m honored and not a little humbled that I am in print with this particular group of witches, occultists, and scholars and 2) I am even more honored that I get to call one of them my friend. I’ll be very excited to get this issue of TC as well. Looks like there are a number of threads of great interest to me, some particularly timely (how is it that such things always occur serendipitously?).

    Thanks for the mention! Can’t wait to read the article, Sarah! And the artwork, by the way–just gorgeous!