On Flying Ointments

he majority of questions I receive in emails from fellow magic workers are about flying ointments so I thought I would write out the information here in one place where anyone can access it for free. I won’t tell you not to experiment with dangerous poisons as it would be hypocritical of me, but I will say that if you don’t have at least a grasp of what the more dangerous plants are capable of, their side effects, and the proper dosages, you shouldn’t be fooling around with them period. Let me say that again — period. The one thing I will not share in this article (or by private email) is dosage of individual plants. Dosage is not something that can easily be determined, especially with such dangerous poisons, as it depends on your own body weight, chemistry, and tolerance as well as the unique growing conditions and harvest time of each individual plant. If you want to use poisonous herbs┬áso badly, do the research or undergo professional herbalist training where you will learn how to first use miniscule amounts of herbs and slowly go from there as you test each subsequent batch. Learning a good salve-making method thoroughly … Continue reading On Flying Ointments