Hoofprints in the Wildwood

Hoofprints in the WildwoodI received my contributor pdf copy in my email inbox this morning! That’s right folks, the Horned God devotional project started by Seillean (aka Rick Derks) and published by Gullinbursti Press is now available for purchase as a paperback or pdf download. I contributed the cover art as well as my verse “The Witch God’s Riddle” with original artwork. I ordered myself a hard copy to curl up with in my cozy bed ¬†and read of the Horned One before drifting off into dreams of ancient forests…

Contributors include Cornish witch Gemma Gary, Juniper from Walking the Hedge and Standing Stone & Garden Gate, Jay O’Skully from Witchery of One, ¬†Sarah-Jayne Chapman from Crooked & Hidden Ways, and Eric Jeffords among many others who contributed artwork, stories, rituals, experiences, liturgy, and poetry. If you’re a fan of Ol’ Horny you’ll want to snap up a copy for yourself!

"The God's Riddle" by Sarah Lawless

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  • Gary says:

    I just ordered my copy. I have been anxiously looking forward to this book’s release. Kudos to Seillean for compiling this one of a kind tribute to ‘Owd Hornie.’ Your original artwork was a perfect choice for the cover! It definitely draws any potential reader into looking further into the book’s content. You should be very proud!! Many thanks, Sarah, for the “heads up” on this long-awaited book’s publication!

  • Seillean says:

    Thanks Sarah! I hope you like the finished product! Thank you very much again for allowing the use of your art for the cover and for your submissions.

  • Nix says:

    Terrific, Sarah and congratulations on the release. I look forward to it!!

  • Kullervo says:

    I got my sweet contributor’s PDF copy and on first browse, it looks excellent. I can’t wait to take a deeper look. I’m very proud of the pieces I wrote for it, and I can only imagine everyone else feels the same way.

  • Mina says:

    Your artwork is fabulous! A perfect addition to the front cover.

  • Melanie says:

    I’m looking forward to my copy!

  • Geetar646 says:

    And now we are all waiting on, Uhhhhh. . . YOUR grimoire, which would read like the annals of one of the Louvains nuns I’m sure, but with the added benefit of proper English. I cannot imagine your careful pen published anywhere but through the Folio society or in proper stationary from shoppes that Morrissey would likely favour (sic). I really hope never to see your writings debased by “Lulu” which is, incidentally, something of a comic strip based on child sacrifice to Cronus.