The Witch’s Woodcarvings

Hazel Futhark RunesI sent out the latest woodwork catalogue last week and, wonderfully, all the pieces found new homes around the world.  I won’t be sending out another woodwork catalogue until the summer after festival season is over in June. Everything I carve from now on will be for the upcoming festivals in May. It’s definitely crunch time!

Hazel Futhark Runes (pictured above)

Carved from Beaked Hazelnut wood wild harvested from the Forest, these runes have been handcarved from one branch in the traditional method using only a knife and no saw. When cut with the grain instead of across it in discs, the pieces can then be carved with a knife whereas cross-grain discs can only be pyrographed.

Each individual rune is handcarved and painted with eco-friendly woodstain and red ochre. There are four extra runes: the Web of Wyrd, Yggdrasil the World Tree, Nerthus-Earth, and the Runic Cross which can be kept in for readings or use separately as talismans. (SOLD)

Owl of Hekate WandOwl of Hekate Poplar Wand

Handcarved wand of Poplar wood harvested from the Forest. In ancient Greece Poplar was considered a funerary tree and was planted at the temples of Chthonic deities such as Hekate and Persephone. A poplar is said to grow in the underworld by the well of memory.

This wand has been carved with chevrons – an ancient symbol of water and the Goddess – as well as a small owl perched at the end. The chevrons have been painted saffron and the whole wand itself is the yellow of the Saffron-robed goddess called Hekate. (SOLD)

Fernie Brae Hazel Wand

Fernie Brae Hazel Wand

Bracken, male, and sword ferns carved into Beaked Hazelnut wood wild harvested from the Forest. Details include a 3D fiddlehead finial with a World Tree symbol carved at the base. Hazel is a traditional wood for wood for wands used for divine inspiration (imbas, awen, the fire in the head), divination & prophecy, creating ritual space, spellcasting, and to open doors between worlds – especially the one between ours and the realm of Elphame. Ferns have a long association with fairies and spirits and it is said they live in patches of wild ferns, especially those growing near caves. (SOLD)

Raven & Serpent Alder Wand

Raven & Serpent Alder Wand

Crooked Alder wood wild harvested from the Forest carved with a Raven head finial with a World Tree symbol at the base and a red Serpent spiralling up the wand like the energy you send forth from it. Alder wood is sacred the Celtic god Bran whose name means Raven. A wonderful wand from one of the chieftain trees held sacred by the ancient Irish. Perfect for any spell or ritual work required of a Druid, Witch, Shaman or shapeshifter. (SOLD)

Black Henbane Wand

Black Henbane Wand

A stalk of Black Henbane from the Witch’s garden pyrographed and painted with a henbane plant in full fruit. A World Tree symbol has been carved at the base and a naturally faceted rock crystal inserted into the hollow core at the tip. Henbane is sacred to Apollo and Hekate in Greco-Roman lore. A perfect wand for hedgecrossers, spirit workers, necromancers, and diviners. (SOLD)

Alder Ritual Pipe

Alder Ritual Pipe

Handcarved from Alder wood wild harvested in the forest. This pipe has been carved with a mandrake root on one side, a serpent on the other and a World Tree symbol on the top. It is meant to be used for smoking ritual herbal blends before or during divinations, rites, and ceremonies. It can also be used to smoke offerings for deities and spirits. It’s super cute – only about 2.25 inches long. (SOLD)

Phallic Alder AmuletPhallic Alder Amulet

This amulet has been handcarved from Alder wood wild harvested from the Forest. A spiral of Alder leaves wraps around the phallus as ivy around a tree. A symbol of the Greenmantle and deities such as Dionysus, Pan, Cernunnos, Herne, and other gods of the wild green wood. It can also be worn as a fertility amulet. (SOLD)

Oak Ash & Thorn Ritual NecklaceOak Ash & Thorn Ritual Necklace

A real Oak leaf pressed into copper hangs from a naturally holed stone (aka adder stone) on a braided thong of real deer sinew with Hawthorn and Ash beads and a carved Oak clasp. All woods were wild harvested by the witch and handcarved. Both adder stones and Oak, Ash, and Thorn together are used to see spirits and peek into the Otherworld in the lore of the British Isles. (SOLD)

Yew Spirit Necklace

Yew Spirit Necklace

Handcarved Yew wood pendant with the ogham rune for Yew, a carved deer antler skull, and carnelian beads the colour of Yew berries. Handbraided onto real deer sinew. (SOLD)


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  1. Your woodcarving is exquisite, as always. How is one able to receive your catalogues? I’d love to be on the list to get your next one.

  2. I missed the catalog. oh pooh. That fern wand should have been mind, it could have been mind, give it to me…

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  3. That ritual pipe is awesome

  4. Martialis says:

    Omg! You rock! Do you know this? Your work is just great!

  5. Sikura says:

    Wow! How did you learn to carve so beautifully? These are amazing haha. I know i’m definitely signing up for your catalog!

  6. Thank you! I learned to carve in five years of trial and error – I’m still learning!

  7. April says:

    Hi! I LOVE your runes! I recognize some of the symbols, do the others have personal meaning? I know its probably a newbie question, I admit I am new & learning… Thanks :)