A Feast of Charms

Amulets, Charms & Talismans, oh my!

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I was finally able to take photographs of all the amulets and talismans I made last week on backgrounds of green and raw handwoven hemp. All of the charms are strung on natural fibres all hand braided and knotted by me with gorgeous antique and lampwork beads, adder stones, rock crystals, bones, roots, pewter charms, skeleton keys, and animal feet. I’ve already listed a few of the stone amulets in the Botanica tonight: the Alfman’s Talisman, Toad Stone Talisman, Adder Stone Evil Eye Talisman, and the Stone Key Talisman. I’ll start listing the rest on Sunday morning–  so head’s up for those looking for crow, owl, deer, toad, frog, and hare bits!

Ancestor, travel & protection charms

Keys of the Otherworld

Root & Foot Amulets


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  1. awesome, i love the rabbit amulet!

  2. These are lovely peices. I want to ask if you purchase your beads or rather collect them from around. It looks like some really facinating beads and very symbolic work.

    • They’re a mixture of found and purchased pieces. I love antique beads too so I’m always on the look out for old trade beads, excavated beads and spindle whorls, as well as awesome bead retailers. If you like the pewter charms they’re originals by Green Girl Studios (who rock).

  3. Nix says:

    Great craftsmanship -These are fantastic, Sarah. It looks like they have gone quite quickly!

  4. John says:

    These are awesome! Do you sell these?