Witch Doings

A little magic

What have I been doing while waiting for my annoying cold, courtesy of public transit, to get better? Let’s see, there’s been a little bit of woodcarving but no sanding due to my cold (just two more things to finish for the woodwork catalogue), some illustrations for the Ogham deck to appear in a future post, a little bit of magic here and there, recipe writing and testing for the Botanica, oh and it snowed, but I’m pretending it didn’t.

A snowy crossroad

Rowan roots

I also did a little bit of wood harvesting during the full moon. I was lucky enough to find a piece of aerial Rowan growing from a dead giant Cedar stump. What is aerial wood? It’s wood that’s never touched the earth growing instead from another tree or a rock. Aerial wood is very mercurial in nature growing in the air as it does. It’s best for communing with gods and spirits as well as for protecting from them and protecting oneself while travelling (physically or metaphysically) with the caveat that the wood must not directly touch the ground or it will lose its power. The piece of Rowan I found has three roots – how Yggdrasil is that! I’ll make a wand from the base with the roots and special carved Rowan crosses woven with red silk from the thinner pieces.

Gifts from my sweetie

While I was home with my box of tissues my sweetie Mojo was at PantheaCon living it up with the BNP’s (Big Name Pagans), getting recognized himself for hosting The Wigglian Way, and of course generally getting into mischief. From his stories it sounds like he had a great time. It’s an unspoken rule that when you go somewhere without a Leo, you must bring them back awesome presents. Sweetie brought me back two beautiful large moleskin-like notebooks with lasered wood covers as well as a gorgeous drinking horn. It’s long and slender and quite heavy. I already blessed it and put it on my altar.

Hare feet, bear jaw, goat sinew, and fox bones

More awesomeness came in the mail. My bottle order for the Botanica and also an order of deliciously dead things; hare feet, a small bear jaw, sinew from a goat, and fox bones. I’ll probably use them to craft ritual items to sell at the BC Shamanic Conference. Now that my bottles and jars are here I can get started on making and packaging my new “native” stock. I’ve got oils and shapeshifting salves to make, incenses to blend, and herbs to package… Shoo cold shooo!

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