Familiar Offerings & Carvings

Familiar OfferingsCrow Offerings at the Kitchen Stove Altar Kitchen Stove Altar

Last night I treated two of my animal familiars with their preferred offerings at my kitchen stove altar. One received diced apple with maple syrup from my parent’s farm and Grandmother Crow received a bowl of choice hazelnuts, pine nuts, and sliced almonds. What she really wanted a bowl of guts, but I didn’t have any entrails on hand. Maybe next time Grandmother. Both received water so they shall never thirst – water is always a welcome offering at any altar. My kitchen Goddess, a fat prehistoric milk-producing version of Bride, got a red candle and very hot Thai chili peppers to keep her warm and cozy and therefore us warm and cozy during the cold winter. Her offerings make me desire to make spicy dark chocolate chili truffles…

I finished another Rowan staff. This one carved with a Raven’s head and a Rowan tree (speaking of ravens, there’s one cawing outside now). Like the Staff of Beasts, this one is also in a private collection and is not for sale. I think I will always leave the bark on Rowan wood I harvest from now on as it intensifies both the colour and patterns of the grain of the wood when the bark leeches colour as it dries.

Now I’m off to do my annual New Year’s Eve house cleaning. May you spend this night with the people you love with health and cheer and plenty of food and drink!

Rowan & Raven Staff


8 Responses to “Familiar Offerings & Carvings”

  1. Britton says:

    Beautiful wood work as always.

    May you have a bright, blessed and bountiful 2011 Sarah!

  2. Alicia says:

    The Rowan staff is stunning, Sarah! May you have a blessed 2011.

  3. Kate says:

    What a gorgeous staff! That’s lovely!

  4. WitchyG says:

    Wishing you the very same Sarah, to you and all your loved one. Hugs and sparkles – WG

  5. Scordra says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful things you have shared this year! The photos of your amazing creations, beautiful altar settings, and knowledge of various topics! It makes a wonderful addition to my life, whether by its visual beauty that sparks something warm inside me, a laugh from something I find funny, or information I can add to my box of knowledge! Maybe this year I’ll get to preserving some bones! :) Brightest of Blessings to you in 2011! You are truly a very special Spirit!! Love and Light, Gina S.

  6. yummy!!! feast for the eyes…

    Happy New Year Dear One!


  7. Mist says:

    Happy New Year, Sarah! All good things to you in 2011. Thank you for sharing 2010 with us!

  8. Nikkie says:

    Most awesome of Years to you and yours Sarah! Thank you for being such a sharing Soul.

    Slàinte mhor