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This morning my neighbour popped over to help me make herbal goodies for the Botanica. We made more of my Visions of the Seer smoking blend (as the last batch sold out pretty quickly), and also a smudge blend of three sages plus lemon grass, an exorcism smudge blend from local evergreen trees, and the original Love Potion No. 9 which was actually a tea and not a perfume or oil.  Shown above, there are also two magical tinctures brewing – one of real Mandrake root and the other of roses, lemon, and vanilla bean. We also fit in time to start the oil infusions for two magical salves: more of my Toadman’s Salve recipe (since it sold out) and also one of Amanita Muscaria to be used for communing with the genius loci and plant allies. It was a busy day and there’s even more to do tomorrow! I’m still working on the Spirit Work chapbook. I’m just finishing one more chapter and doing the editing now.

After my neighbour had to leave I also made some money mojo hands shown above using fresh peppermint leaves, high john the conqueror roots and natural golden flax. Once dried they’ll be sewn into felted gold wool pouches to be carried around by someone looking for continuous prosperity and success.

This evening I also managed to get some magical gardening done. My porch repairs are finally finished and I was able to reassemble my garden. Oh, and it turned out the False Solomon’s Seal I transplanted wasn’t false at all but true Solomon’s Seal – so bonus! Today I sowed my two types of Belladonna seeds that have finished the cold water soaking method in my fridge. The seeds were Atropa Belladonna and Solanum Douglassi or “greenspot nightshade”. The chill rainy day seemed perfect to plant them in. I added some bonemeal to a soil mix of dirt, sand, and manure to make them happy and left them to be watered by the rain. I also transplanted my Henbane seedlings into bigger pots as they were outgrowing the little peat disks.

Then I took a peak at my Datura seeds to see if any were sprouting and transplanted eleven of the purple seedlings into soil. The White Tree Daturas are sprouting, but taking much longer being they’re much bigger. I used the warm water soaking method for these and then put them in a moist cloth in a container just loosely covered with wax paper on top of my grow light to absorb its warmth and it seems to germinate them fairly well and quickly.

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  • Miaerowyn says:

    I’m jealous of your lovely garden! I can’t wait to move to finally grow the herbs I bought seeds for! 😛

    I’m scared of getting belladonna though, as I have pets. Do you have any suggestions as to how to keep them from ingesting anything?

    • Sarah says:

      I’m lucky to have a big porch cut off from animals and children so I can get away with growing poisonous plants. However, when in doubt try hanging planters! 😉

    • Sarah says:

      The seeds are nicely contained in the berries so it should be fine. Many people have reported birds and squirrels eating the berries and not having any adverse reactions too.

    • Miaerowyn says:

      Interesting! Well, I’ve heard of some animals, like you said, not having any reactions, then I hear about people’s pets and whatnot eating a tiny amount, then shortly after passing away 🙁

      Obviously if I decide to grow it, I will always have to keep a good eye on when the berries are produced and make sure that they can’t be eaten by my furry babies, lol 😉

      Thanks, Sarah!

      • Sarah says:

        There’s also the option of using plastic netting. We used to when we had blueberry bushes to keep the birds and other critters away. Just put a few sticks in the pot to prop up the netting to keep it off the plant.

      • Miaerowyn says:

        Hmmm, I never thought of that, but of course, I’ve never grown anything that I’ve needed to net for whatever reason before!
        I am off to Google! 🙂

        Thanks again, milady!

  • jeannette says:

    I am hoping you can be of help..I am looking for some high john the conqueror seeds or cuttings. Do you know where i can find some????

    • Sarah says:

      This is the only place I could find seeds: Sunshine Seeds

      If you don’t live where it grows wild, another option is using hedge bindweed roots (wild morning glory) as a substitute as they are related and have the same properties.