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Before the last dark moon I cleaned my house. This doesn’t sound that unusual except that I was cleaning it magically before a ritual which needed the house to be purified. Normally I just add some of my homemade florida water to a spray bottle and dilute it with spring water and spritz it around the house and on the carpets, but this time I used a floor wash for the linoleum floors, walls, and front step and made a herbal baking powder sprinkle for the carpet since you can’t mop carpet. First I physically cleaned and tidied my home, and then I set to work magically cleaning. All dirt and cat hair swept up wasn’t allowed to linger and was taken out to the garbage through the front door. Then I set about with my magical potions to spiritually cleanse the house and it also has the side effect of making the whole house smell divine.

Spiritual Cleansing Carpet Sprinkle

1 cup baking soda
1 tsp fine sea salt
1 tsp powdered dried basil
5 drops lemon essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil

Mix in a bowl and crush any lumps formed by the essential oils then add to an old empty and rinsed herb or spice shaker. Walk around your home sprinkling a light coat on all your carpeting and carpeted stairs. Not only does it magically clean the carpet, it also removes odors and helps release any pet hair and dander in the carpet for easier vacuuming.  Let it sit for 10 minutes and then vacuum well.

Cleaning house wasn’t always just physical – in pre-Christian times cleaning was also thought to be magical as it removed evil spirits that could cause bad luck or illness. Today magical floor washes are a common part of spiritual cleansing and are found in modern Hoodoo/Rootwork and folk magic as a regular practice. It is best to spiritually cleanse your home once a month by washing the floors and walls with a magical solution of herbs and a small amount of floor wash can also be added to your regular cleaning products for every time you clean. The best times to use a Floor Wash are during the full or new moon and before and after intense sabbat and esbat rituals.

Tisane brewing for the Health & Healing Floor WashTisane brewing for the Health & Healing Floor Wash

My friend came over a couple days ago and we set to work making herbal floor washes for spiritual cleansing using my own recipes. We made one for cleansing a new home or regularly cleansing your current home – Sacred Herb Home Cleansing Floor Wash,  one for cleaning a house or room where someone is ill or to spray in a hospital room – Health & Healing Floor Wash, and also one to purify and uncross a home, business, apartment etc, and also to cleanse a temple room or altar of built up energies – Hyssop & Rue Purifying Floor Wash. We started by adding spring and/or rain waters to a non-metal pot and adding all the herbs bringing the mixture to a gentle simmer for about 10 minutes per batch. Any essential oils were added to the bottom of the 8oz storage bottles. Then the tea mixture was strained and poured into the bottles and allowed to cool a bit. Then we added organic fair trade castile soap and they were done. I used spring and rain waters instead of tap water because of their magical energies. Most tap water comes from lakes and lakes are stagnant sitting water not good for purifying and cleansing like rivers, springs, streams, and the ocean are. Lakes are better for grounding energies. And voilà, three new floor washes sit on my kitchen counter.

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  • Miaerowyn says:

    While I hate cleaning my house, I always know that I can enjoy the delicious smell of cleanliness and whatever essential oils I add to my cleaning stuffs.
    If I had carpet, I’m sure that the lemon and lavender would smell wonderful! He-he! 😉

  • Miaerowyn says:

    Apparently, the Gods wanted me to wash my floor today, one of the dogs I am sitting for peed when a new dog came in, lol. I added some oils to my wash, and the house smells yummy… and I feel better, 😉

  • Thanks for the Carpet Sprinkle recipe! Just what I needed! I’m about to try it! You’re a Dear!

  • Reyna says:

    Dear Sarah,
    I appreciate sharing information on house spiritual cleansing, I have question is there a best day and time to do this?
    Thank you for your time.

    • As said in the post the best times to use a floor wash are during the full or new moon and before and after intense sabbat and esbat rituals. If you are cleansing with banishing in mind during the waning or dark moon would be best, but if you plan to sain and bless when cleaning I recommend the waxing or full moon. You could also apply this to the sun – wash before noon for blessing and after noon when the sun is lowering in the sky for banishing.