Altar Spring Cleaning

It had been a long time since I cleaned my altar, changed the cloth, and went through the items and old spells on it. What better time to change an altar than at the liminal times of the spring equinox and between the full and waning moon? I washed and ironed my yellow altar cloth, I collected and buried the remains of old workings that used natural elements, I removed everything from my antique dresser which my atlar sits upon and washed it with soap and blessing water. Then I put the new cloth on and rearranged my altar deciding what to keep on it and what to move somewhere else. I mostly just kept my tools, magical objects and a couple offering dishes. Lastly I lit my candles, left offerings of incense and wine and rededicated the altar to my gods, then sat down with them to share a glass of wine.

Altar close-up


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  1. It’s a good day for that. That’s what’s keeping me occupied myself.

    • Sarah says:

      You’ve got it! I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning my craft room and organizing all my sewing supplies upstairs and all my Botanica supplies downstairs – took all day! I hope your new place is coming along nicely – the pictures look great so far! ;)

  2. Nik says:

    Hello! My name is Nik. I’ve read your blog off and on for some time now, and finally got up the “nerve” to post a comment. This is something I have felt like doing for some time now (cleaning up/changing my altar). I actually posted about that earlier this evening. I really love reading your posts and have added you to my “blogroll.”


  3. davka says:

    Lovely! If you are on facebook, please join our group “Women’s Altars and Sacred Spaces.” I also have deer antlers on my altar. Wow, love this blog. I am going to linklove you now.

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