Tea, Tarot, & Wildcrafting

Last night I wild harvested some firethorn berries, hawthorn berries, wild rose hips, and red rhododendron flowers to make more of my Spiritus Delecto incense as I only have one packet left. I’ve also got a couple pomegranates, some decayed red cedar, and alkanet root ready too.

Then today, after having our cup of morning tea and seeing the sun was shining despite the pessimistic weather forecast the night before, my witchy neighbour and I headed off into the bush armed with bags and we wildcrafted Dandelions to make Dandelion mead with (super delicious and good for you to boot!) as well as Oregon Grape flowers, delicate Cherry Blossoms, Heather flowers, and lastly sticky sweet buds of Balm of Gilead from the Balsam Poplar trees growing all over the area. To me it’s not officially Spring unless you can smell Balm of Gilead on a warm breeze…

After tea at my neighbour’s we headed back to my house with our wildcrafted treasures just in time for my apprentices to arrive after which we sat around eating finger food and drinking more tea while talking about magic, witchcraft, the gods and making some ritual face paints. I received a very interesting tarot spread and full instructions into my head last week and wanted to try it out to see if it would work (this type of thing happens often to me – magical lore, meanings of mysteries, rituals, and instructions falling into my head) and I really wanted to try it out on my friends before offering it as reading in the Botanica and at events. The spread is to find out who a person’s gods are – with the center representing the person, and the other four representing the gods. It doesn’t give the pantheon and sometimes the four surrounding cards can represent the same god(s) – but overall I and my apprentices have all realized it works well and it’s dead on. I’ll probably write about the spread as an article for the blog or for the upcoming witchcraft journal project yet to be published…


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  1. Max says:

    Hey, for what do u use the Firethorn berris, theres alot here on mexico and I really dont know how to use them… Maybe as rowan berries??

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Max!

      Firethorn is in the Rose family just like Hawthorn (whereas Rowan is in the Apple family). Firethorn also serves the same purpose as Hawthorn as a hedge and refuge for birds and other small animals. Magically it can be used for protection as well as hedgecrossing – for the hedgecrossing just try sitting under a hedge of Firethorns and try to talk to the spirits who dwell there.

  2. Very cool. All of it.

  3. Layo says:

    I’m making dandelion wine right now myself! I’d love to trade recipes with you. Here’s what we did this year:


    We made a batch last year that I thought was positively psychedelic! Last year we were more thorough about rinsing and taking off the green parts, which may account for the, er, scent we discovered while we were soaking the blossoms this time. ;)

  4. Jen says:

    Do you have any advice on where to pick dandelions? They are all around here (I’m also in Burnaby) but mostly where car fumes or whatnot can get at them. I’d like to try to make some dandelion wine myself.

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Layo! I’m actually just going to use a basic mead recipe so I’ve just washed and de-spidered the dandelion heads and froze them (helps to break them down faster) and when I have time, yeast, and honey I’m just going to throw it all in a bucket for the primary fermentation with some lemon and orange peel.

    Hi Jen! Try a field where you know the city doesn’t spray or head to a regional park where it’s illegal and dandelions are still plentiful – Burnaby Lake Park, Deer Lake Park, and Burnaby Mountain Park should be covered with them. It’s best to pick them on a sunny day and on the same day you’re going to make the wine. Best of luck!


  6. Nix says:

    Wow! What a plentiful gathering!
    Quite a lovely deck. I look forward to reading your article, Sarah.

  7. David says:

    Is that deck of your own design? Whether or not, where can I get hold of one? (’cause I really like it)


  8. Ewigweibliche says:

    Hi Sarah-

    I’m wondering if you’ve written that article on this spread yet. I’d really like to learn more about it. I did this reading for myself and it is – present tense because I’m still mulling it over – one of the most powerful readings I’ve gotten in a long time! I assume that only major arcana are used?

    Thank you.

    • Sarah says:

      I haven’t written the article yet as I’m still figuring out how to factor in the differences between decks used, but now that school’s finished I should have some time to work on it. The spread uses only the Major Arcana and the Court Cards minus the Pages.